Underrated Blogs I Love

Because I am a benevolent bean of goodness, I am going to shove all the undeservedly underrated blogs down your appreciative throats.

Let it begin.


An Odd Blog

You will think for quite a while that the author of this lovely gem is named Laura, but her name is actually Evangeline. Get it right.

Image result for avengers gifs

Which is a gorgeous name, so it matches the blog perfectly. She creates the most beautiful collages, she redecorates her blog to match the season, she uses different sized fonts for a quirky aesthetic, and her writing voice is… Well let’s just say I would trade my soul for Evangeline’s voice.


Meanwhile, In Rivendell


The thing I love about Meanwhile, In Rivendell is how at home Olivia is at her own blog.

You know how I can tell? She allows it to be imperfect.

I know that sounds mean, but that is absolutely my favorite thing about Meanwhile, In Rivendell! The fact that she doesn’t mind rambling about the things that she loves – whether that be chick-flicks or Red Carpet Eye Candy or books or BBC’s Robin Hood – and that she uses multiple exclamation points and funny little faces made out semicolons and parentheses.

She is so… not-niche. And I love that!

Jem Jones Writes

Jem and I have become friends – at least I desperately want to be her friend, which is usually how friendships work for me – over the past couple of months and I just have to tell you how awesome this bean is.

Firstly, she is Australian. So we have great fun talking about the difference between cookies and biscuits and crisps and chips. Good times.

As you may have gathered from her blog’s title, she is a writer! So she mostly focuses on writing-related tags and monthly link-ups and rants of that kind. We get along famously.


Smudged Thoughts

Sunshiny Corner

My Myopic Heart


Now, let me say that I am sure there are a million other tiny little blogs that are adorably aesthetic and quirky and welcoming! I just haven’t found them yet, perhaps.

Be sure to share with me all the underrated blogs you love in the comments!