A Conglomerate Pie Of Lists Detailing My Mostly Uneventful Summer

So how did Hiatus go? It was refreshing, thank you. There is absolutely nothing like taking a three month Hiatus to aid you in scheduling two month’s worth of blogposts!

It is a lovely feeling to know that your blog will continue to live and breathe and prosper without needing to be present for the next two months.

And how did my summer go? Well, as expected, it was mostly uneventful. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Summer is a nice interlude or boredom that makes you desperate to start school again!

But if you are just starving for details – and I know you are – I have broken my summer down into a series of lists. For your enjoyment…

I only mentioned this to a few people but I actually had a job this summer. Rather intrepid of me, wasn’t it?

I mean, it was just babysitting two or three kids for two weeks, so it wasn’t hugely official? But I got paid. So.

Things I Learned About Having A Job

…You aren’t in charge anymore. Even if you wanted the job and pick your own hours, you are then locked into that schedule. And no matter how much you love your job, there is a tiny bit of despair in that “locked in” feeling. I thrive on variety and change!

…Getting up early every day is exhausting. Because no matter how hard you try you rarely go to sleep as early as you need to. And when you work all day, you have to use the evening to get all the other stuff done that you normally do during the day, which makes your nights even later than normal.

…Makes the week feel longer. I’ve noticed this before with Tech Week and VBS. Doing something Every. Single. Day. makes your week feel like a month. Is it obvious I don’t get out much? This may surprise you since I am a self proclaimed introvert, but I like this side effect. I like being busy and going till I drop down dead of exhaustion and human interaction. Whichever comes first.

…Sounds so official when people say “going to work” or “getting home from work.” Like my parents would consult me about my schedule and that made me feel so… grown up?

…Makes you feel like you are helping to “support the family” even though you’re not because you are a broke high school student who is saving every penny for college. But still. Proud of me.

My first “real” job was a learning experience to say the least… More on that later.

I also did other things this summer! Some of which were firsts, so why don’t we have a little list to break that down?

This Summer…

…I worked my first job… as you already know.

…I chaperoned a group of teenagers at an amusement park which was pure and glorious torture. The roller coasters were fun, though.

…I got a solid tan, which I never do? Who am I? Where is Kate and who is running this blog and writing this post? It might be an alien? Of course, just when you are feeling nice and confident in your newfound tan, you bump into this girl who is basically made of bronze and then you realize you are still the color or freshly-fallen snow. I would’ve included pictures but I didn’t know how to do so without being awkward? The only way you can see my tan is to take a picture of my tanline… and I don’t want people getting the wrong impression when they see pictures of my thighs on here. So.

…I played volleyball for the first time in months and aggravated my old knee injury which caused my old friend Agony to assist me up and down the stairs for the next week. Not to mention the terrifyingly angry red bruise that appeared on my wrist when I woke up the next morning. O Volleyball, how I have missed thee!

…I watched Trolls more than was good for my sanity levels. But it is a precious movie and just maybe my favorite since Tangled.

…I resolved that I am never having kids.

…I didn’t finish school? Growing up, I always had to do school “during the summer” which basically means that you feel guilty all summer because you should be doing the school that you failed to finish? And then you finish up in the fall. Thanks to a curriculum change, however, that problem was solved forever! Except, not. I finished every subject except for the pesky old anatomy course. Whoops?

…I got my typical blond streaks. Being in the sun will do that to you.

…I ate Frank’s Red Hot sauce for the first time since I was nine and the sight of it made me want to vomit because I had this weird kick where I put it on everything from eggs and toast to ice cream to broccoli. No lie.

And, for those beans in the audience who, like the Duchess, like to find the moral in everything…

I have made a list of things I learned this summer. Because I’m good like that.

What I Learned This Summer!

…Not to twitch a muscle when the kids are happy.

…Kids have weird attention spans. Which means that you can be doing something fabulously interesting like reading a story or watching a movie that they picked out themselves… and they will be fidgeting and whining and pulling your limbs off exactly three seconds later. While on the other hand, they will walk in circles shouting inane phrases for several hours if you don’t intervene. And you learn not to intervene. Because the children are happy.

…Glitter is as bad as Cait says.

…Netflix. I have conquered it!

…Microwave. We don’t have one so it took a few attempts and several visits from the local fireman. You know. The drill.

…You must be decisive! Or the children will see your fears and exploit them and you will die.

…No human being is truly lovable. This one is hard for me. I’ve “learned” it before and I think I will go on “learning” it for the rest of my life. As you have most likely gathered, I’m an analytical person. This means I like to put things into tidy boxes and bins and I like to slap labels on those boxes and bins so that I know where everything is. I do this with people. Some people I love and other people disappoint me and hurt me and I hate them. Some people are good and some people are bad. Some people are lovable and others are not. Only it doesn’t work that way, does it? Human beings are flawed and there are no exceptions. So no matter how cool you look from the outside and how much I admire you and want to be your friend… if I live with you for a weak, I will find out just how flawed you are. And the temptation here, for me, is to put you into the Unlovable Bin and move on to the next person. But that person will disappoint me too. Because this perfect person I’m looking for? Does. Not. Exist. Love and friendship are package deals.

That… just got deep.


How was your summer?

As you can tell, mine was mostly uneventful! I did get stung by a bee, which was weird. I’ve been running around the yard barefoot for years and there are bees everywhere. Never got stung. Bees love me! You know, except for that one time when one was trapped in our house and I picked it up with my bare fingers in a compassionate attempt to release it back into the wild… that bee stung me good.

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Share the story with me!