7 Thoughts On Go Set A Watchman

1. Makes me feel sick. I subconsciously mirror story characters I feel I can relate to. So if the main character is sick, I start to feel stifled, hot, and claustrophobic. Not fun.

2. Ruins To Kill A Mockingbird. I will never be able to read To Kill A Mockingbird the same way again. Kinda makes me regret reading Go Set A Watchman.

3. Has traits of a sequel… but isn’t. Know those books that come out a while after a bestseller, the ones that the author probably didn’t plan to write until he saw how successful the first one turned out? Or, even worse, the books written after the author of the bestseller is dead – because one would feel strange writing the unwanted sequel to their book while they were still living, I suppose – by some random idiot off the street looking for a little extra cash on the side? Go Set A Watchman almost has this feel but I can’t accuse it of either, as I know that it was written previous to To Kill A Mockingbird. Still, certain elements seem fishy. Killing off Jem, for instance. The sudden appearance of Hank, who was a lifelong friend of Jean Louise’s – but suspiciously never  made an appearance in To Kill A Mockingbird?

4. On parenting. Atticus is, like, the model parent. He never overreacts. Parents the world over could stand to learn a thing or two from Atticus when it comes to his parenting skill.

5. Is boring. Politics are not my thing, so, yeah, a lot of this book was way over my head.

6. Makes us realize all over again why we love Jem. He tells Scout he’ll look out for her. He helps Scout out of a certain… dilemma. Makes his football teammates dance with his little sister – “his quiet way of making sure she had a good time.” Sweet beyond words.

7. Is Jean Louise’s journey from child-like innocence to adulthood, To Kill A Mockingbird was Jem’s. To Kill A Mockingbird focuses on Scout’s childhood, while the glimpses into the past we get in Go Set A Watchman, point more towards Scout’s girlhood and adolescent, the tougher years for Jean Louise.

I don’t know what to say, honestly. Like I said, large portions of the book I found very boring because they were very political and I am so not smart enough to keep up with Jean Louise and Atticus’ arguments.

On the other hand, some parts of this book are in exactly the same vein as To Kill A Mockingbird, picking up right where it left off.

Part of me never wants to see the book again. The other part wants to run over to Barnes and Noble and get it to be the companion of my copy of To Kill A Mockingbird.

I am Scout. I idolized Atticus. He was my hero. He was perfect, in my mind. But only because Lee paints him that way! If she had only given us some kind of a hint… Go Set A Watchman wouldn’t be so devastating. But that was the point, I guess. To set you up for a fall. Entice you into thinking Atticus was one thing, only to shove your face in that fact that he was only a man, after all.