The Plan Moving Forward: Imma Be A Vlogger

I am so excited, guys.

I am going to be a vlogger! Someday. Hopefully a soon someday.

But perhaps you are wondering where this came from. I haven’t ever mentioned it before, after all.

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You are quite right, Johnny. Quite right.

This came out of nowhere for me, too. So you aren’t the only one who is surprised.

Several random things collided at the exact same moment – and this idea was crystallized in my mind.

Obviously it was meant to be! My destiny, as it were.

First, there was this post by Naomi. Which you should read, because Naomi is hilarious and this post was scarily true of me, if not every blogger.

But reading it made me think for the first time about where exactly I am going with this blog. Blogging isn’t exactly a lifetime gig, after all. The blog wasn’t my idea and becoming a world-famous blogger isn’t part of My Plan. And while some of things that have been Not Part Of The Plan have been the best things to happen to me, that doesn’t mean I discard it and go through life letting things happen to me. I want to do life intentionally. Which means having a plan.

In case you haven’t noticed, I like plans.

But as she pointed out, one doesn’t set out to keep blogging forever. Or, I didn’t, anyway.

For example, I don’t see myself doing this once I’m out of college. Maybe not even during college. I anticipate being rather busy, you see.

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I definitely don’t see myself doing this as a career or for the rest of my life.

For me, blogging is going to be one season of my life… and one, I must admit, that is rapidly coming to an end. The blogging chapter of my life is almost over.

I think I was always aware in the back of my mind that this was the way it was going to be. I’ve just been thinking about it the front of my mind recently.

Not to say that it hasn’t been good for me to build this platform – it has. But a platform is built to help you climb higher, is it not? Not so that you can admire the view from where you are.

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Look at me getting all metaphorical.

That post was only half of the impetus for my new and improved Plan, though. The other half was that I watched several vlogs. It wasn’t something I did on purpose. I didn’t think to myself, “I shall now proceed to watch videos of a random person’s face.” That strikes me as a wee bit strange.

But some of my writerly friends make vlogs on occasion and I like to watch them. I find it interesting to put a voice and a face with a blog. Because blogs don’t have heads, as you may have noticed.

I realized as I watched that that’s what I want to do.

Switching over to vlogging seems like a natural transition. And so, I have decided that this will be my next step, my next… chapter.

Step One: Amass An Army Of Followers

I have fifty followers. And I couldn’t be more proud.

I am grateful to each and every one of you.

But I can’t help but notice that only about ten of you are actively involved – reading and commenting.

Now, fifty is a big number and one I’m happy with. If all fifty of my followers read and commented on every post, I would dive immediately into the dangers waters of vlogging.

As it is, I eagerly await the day when I have fifty active followers. Or maybe one hundred followers total?

Either way, this means that my following needs to keep growing.

Step Two: My Adoring Fans Will Beg Me To Reveal My Lovely Face

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This is an important step in the process, obviously.

I will not proceed until this occurs, okay? I. Will. Not.

You must beg and offer me gifts of chocolate and your firstborn children. Actually, no. Just chocolate, please. I hate babies.They scare me.

Anyway. Until this momentous occasion takes place, I will shroud myself in a deep fog of secrecy and your curiosity and anticipation will build until you are ready to explode.

Hopefully this provides the incentive you need to help me get those followers!

Step Three: Become A World-Famous Vlogger

This may surprise you, given my introverted ways, but I am actually perfectly comfortable in front of a camera.

I don’t talk about it much because this is, in fact, a writing blog, but acting is my passion. Writing is more of a hobby in comparison.

Therefore, this will be the easiest step because I am extremely self-absorbed and love talking about myself and being dramatic and performing for people.

The only obstacle I foresee is that I don’t have the proper equipment – a nice camera, a pretty room with good lighting, or even basic knowledge of editing and then uploading my soon-to-be-world-renowned videos.

Just  a slight problem.

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Step Four: Catch The Eye Of A Prestigious Filmmaker

I hear that prestigious filmmakers casually browse YouTube for videos of aspiring actors, so clearly this is a foolproof plan.

I would also like to point out that single and gorgeous aren’t requirements, but I wouldn’t complain if they came with the package. Just sayin.’

Step Five: Launch My Acting Career

Here’s the cool part.

Once I get world-famous… I will start posting on this blog again.

What? You thought that I was going to delete my darling blog? You’re cute.

Yes, this blog may lie dormant for a while, but I do plan on keeping it up and maybe even posting occasionally. We shall see, yes?

Before we all depart to cry stormily…

This is not goodbye – not yet. I have to have fifty committed fans before moving on from this blog, remember?

So I’m going to be around for a while yet.

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