Meet my children!

The Songless: Endelyn wakes up in a dark forest in the arms of a stranger. And she knows only three things for certain. His name is Makovu. Her own name is Endelyn. And her voice wasn’t always broken.


I Was Alone: Justine is just seventeen years old but she is an brilliant surgeon responsible for her own ward in the Hospital. But she knows very well that her safety is dependent on how well she performs. That safety is stripped away when her patients disappear…


Divided They Fall: David is young and weak. His family is everything to him; when they are taken away, who is David really?


Metal Hands, Metal Soul: Bella is sent on a mission to kill the last living Kwanza, Langdon. Instead of fingers, he is surgically altered to wield six-inch-long, razor sharp steel claws. And when Bella finds herself running from her handlers with Langdon… well, she begins to realize that she has more in common with this flawed man than she originally thought.


Just Peter: Wendy waits by the window every night, but he never comes…


Mirror, Mirror: Alice lives in a nice Hospital where everything is clean and white and there are no mirrors. Because mirrors… Alice sees strange things in them.