Working Title: Sunshine

Status: firstdrafting

Aesthetic: friendship, skin tones, baked goods, single dads who are amazing, nightclubs, neon colors, crowded flats


Working Title: The Songless (or, DEATHstory)

Status: rewriting/editing

Aesthetic: gold and black, irises, blood, sand, stars, fire, trees, rusty Jeeps, sniper rifles, crumbling skyscrapers, skinny jeans, bare feet, horses


Working Title: Heist

Status: outlining

Aesthetic: scars, dancers, the circus, makeup, mirrors, lights, fire, gambling dens, strip clubs, hard drives


Working Title: Divided They Fall

Status: outlining

Aesthetic: bloody hands, blond hair, teenagers, nightmares, Europe, telephone booths, rain, the beach, math equations, surgery


Working Title: Metal Hands, Metal Soul

Status: outlining

Aesthetic: steel, white room, good cooking, family, cake, robots, experiments, torture, electricity, catwalks, dust motes, old books, clocks, bookstores, libraries


Working Title: Evil In This One

Status: plotting

Aesthetic: candy, labeled jars, initials, bright wisps, water, handguns, nightclubs, insomnia, glow-in-the-dark


Working Title: Pantheon

Status: plotting

Aesthetic: sibling rivalries, daddy issues, cannibalism, nerdiness, puns, skinny jeans, jewelry, meadows


Working Title: Russian Winter

Status: plotting

Aesthetic: blizzards, snowflakes, storms, explorers, astronauts, suspended in stasis, midnight blue, arranged marriage, siblings, fire, hot cocoa, fur, dancing bears, spies, bipolar disorder, mutism, castles, allies, enemies, berserkers, blood, ballrooms, chandeliers, warmth


Working Title: Hallelujah

Status: plotting

Aesthetic: tumbleweeds, gunslingers, huge empty cathedral halls, high domed ceilings, windows, tornadoes, sandstorms, saloons, cowboys, horses, crowns, thrones


Working Title: You Did It (an experiment in perspective)

Status: plotting


Title: Project Zero

Status: coming soon! go check it out!

Aesthetic: pink, ice cream, curly hair, rainboots, jumping on the bed, dramatic British impersonations



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