Meet Thedrick

Hamlet, William Shakespeare

The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer

Harry Potter series, J. K. Rowling

The Grapes of Wrath

Son of Laughter, Frederick Buechner

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Rob Roy, Sir Walter Scott

Boy, Roald Dahl

City of Mirrors, Justin Cronin

Of Mice and Men

The Northwest Passage

The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas

The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley

There and Back Again: An Actor’s Tale, Sean Astin

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo

A Wind in the Willows

A Song of Sherwood, Alfred Noyes

James C. Holt’s Robin Hood

Ebon, Robin McKinley

The Golden Country, Robin McKinley

Kes, Robin McKinley

Star Wars series, George Lucas

Percy Jackson series, Rick Riordan

The heir of redclyffe, C. M. Yonge

The inferno, Dante Alighieri

Paradise lost, Milton

The divine comedy, Dante Alighieri

The family under the bridge, Carlson

Twenty and ten, Bishop

Babe the gallant pig, King-Smith

Mountain born, Yates

The year of miss Agnes, Hill

Kildee house, Montgomery

About average, Clements

The penderwicks, Birdsall

The house on walenska street, Herman

Frindle, Clements

Winter danger, Steele

A lion to guard us, Bulla

The winged watchman, Van Stockhum

Sing down the moon, O’Dell

The great and terrible quest, Lovett

The ides of April, Ray

Beyond the desert gate, Ray

God King, Williamson

Master cornhill, McGraw

The bronze bow, Elizabeth George Speare

Flame over Tara, Poland

The Bedouin’s gazelle, Temple

Mara, daughter of the Nile, McGraw

The breadwinner, Ellis

Number the stars, Lowry

Only the names remain, Bealer

The good master, Seredy

The singing tree, Seredy

The war that saved my life, Bradley

The endless steppe, Hauzig

Homeless bird, Whelan

The iron peacock, Clarke

Nory Ryan’s song, Giff

The yanks are coming, Marrin

Bud, not buddy, Curtis

My heart lies south, de Trevino

A long way from Chicago, Peck

Elijah of Buxton, Curtis

When you reach me, Stead

Rules of the road, Bauer

Enchantress from the stars, Engdahl

Pictures of Hollis woods, Giff

Pontius pilate, Maier

First they killed my father, Ung

There’s a sheep in my bathtub, Hogan

My father’s daughter, Konigsburg

The Wednesday wars, Schmidt

Ender’s game, Card

Our town, Wilder

Their eyes were watching God, Hurston

The Aeneid, Virgil

Chronicle of a death foretold, Garcia Marquez

Copenhagen, Frayn

Night, Wiesel

Things fall apart, Achebe

Gulliver’s travels, Swift

The secret sharer, Conrad

The rime of the ancient mariner, Coleridge

Right ho, Jeeves, Wodehouse

Pygmalion, Shaw

A passage to India, Forster

A severe mercy, Vanauken

Three men in a boat, Jerome

Love without limits, Nick vujicic

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys


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