9 Shocking Facts About The Characters In Pride And Prejudice 2005

As you know, I love Pride and Prejudice 2005. I’m a hopeless romantic, but I don’t watch many chick-flicks… this is one of the only ones.

Pride and Prejudice is the movie equivalent of Chinese, my favorite comfort food. I love curling up with a fleecy blanket and a bowl of something warm and watching this movie.

So, yes, I know this movie like the back of my hand. Or better than the back of my hand? I don’t know the back of my hand that well, to be honest.

And the more times you watch this movie, the more you see. It’s quite thrilling.

Now brace yourself… for 9 shocking facts that were hitherto unknown to you about the characters in Pride and Prejudice.

Shocking Fact Number One – I Foresee A Career In Rapping For Lizzy Bennet!

Related image

Are you shocked?

I have watched this movie an insane amount of times and sometimes I still don’t quite catch what Lizzy is saying.

Let us consider this mouthful from the Angry Rain Proposal. “From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.”

Try saying that ten times fast! The crazy thing is that Lizzy does – say it fast, I mean. Like I said, it’s a mouthful, studded with plenty of ten-dollar words. But then again, most of the dialogue in a period drama is.The difference is that Lizzy says all of her lines at this same breakneck pace.

I want to see blooper reels. Or at least know how many tries it took to get it right.

I admire the rare talent of speedtalking, but it doesn’t take me long to get all tripped up.

If I were Lizzy Bennet, that line would look somewhat different. Something like this, perhaps… “From the first moment I met you I realized that your self disdain made you the last man on earth.” I am quite talented, thank you.

Here is yet another example of Lizzy’s rapping potential. “Do you deny that you separated a young couple who loved each other, exposing your friend to the censure of the world for caprice and my sister to derision for disappointed hopes, involving them both in misery of the acutest kind?”

Potential, I say!

Shocking Fact Number Two – Lizzy Is Nice To Mrs. Bennet!

Image result for pride and prejudice 2005 lizzie comforts mrs bennet

If my own mother blatantly showed that she preferred all of my other siblings to me, wanted me to marry a creepy cousin in the name of saving my family from destitution, routinely embarrassed me in public, wasn’t bothered by the fact that her daughter ran off with a manipulative gambler just so long as she got married, and drove everyone insane with her ignorance and crudeness, I doubt I would be able to find it in my heart to treat her as kindly as Lizzy does her mother.

Sure, Lizzy says to her face that people die from the shame of having “such a mother,” and rebels outright when Mrs. Bennet tries to force her to marry Mr. Collins. But in spite of it all, Lizzy actually has pity for her mother. It blows my mind.

Perhaps Lizzy is a better person than we give her credit for.

Shocking Fact Number Three – Lizzy Cares About Lydia!

Image result for pride and prejudice 2005 lydia


Lydia is a brat who got what was coming to her. Particularly since she doesn’t seem all that upset about being taken advantage of. In fact, she seems oddly proud of herself for disgracing her family and marrying a complete jerk.

Lizzy isn’t close to Lydia – at all. She tries to keep Kitty and Lydia in check and remind them to mind their manners, but she realizes that there is only so much she can do – especially since Lydia and Kitty are supported and encouraged by their mother.

But do remember the scene where Lizzy receives the letter from Jane about how Lydia has run away with Mr. Wickham?

Lizzy is devastated. She can’t even tell her aunt and uncle what has happened without breaking down. She immediately blames herself for it and rebukes herself sharply for not having told her family what she knew about Mr. Wickham so that the tragedy could have been averted. Tears stream down her face as they rush home in the carriage.

She cares about her little sister deeply. She is concerned about her safety and is willing to go to any length to ensure it.

Whatever Lizzy’s flaws, disloyalty to her family is not one of them.

Shocking Fact Number Four – Lizzy Enjoys Seeing Kitty And Lydia Happy

Image result for pride and prejudice 2005 lizzie laughing with her sisters

Let’s be honest.

No one likes Kitty or Lydia in this version. You’re not supposed to! Lydia is shallow and glib and immature and bratty and Kitty is a slightly more boring version of Lydia.

We see these lovely ladies giggling drunkenly and flirting brazenly and smacking each other and hyperventilating over… “officers.”

They don’t have a lot going for them.

But remember that scene in the beginning of the movie where Kitty and Lydia are dancing with Jane and trying to persuade her to let them borrow clothing items?

I love how Lizzy just sits there, watching and smiling in happiness. She’s happy… because her sisters are happy. Isn’t that sweet?

Lizzy has a heart of gold, guys.

Shocking Fact Number Five – Darcy Talks Funny… And Rocks It

Image result for pride and prejudice 2005 proposal

Anybody else would sound like a bumbling idiot if they repeated, “I love, I love, I love” three times before finally spitting out the last bit of their declaration.

Darcy doesn’t.

Because Darcy is adorable. And he makes this utterly stupid line sound sweet and emotional and choked-up and… no, I’m not choked up! Why would you say a silly thing like that?

Shocking Fact Number Six – Darcy Isn’t Into Caroline

Image result for pride and prejudice 2005 darcy and caroline

Sure, her personality is a turn-off, but Caroline is alluring and sophisticated. I can’t help but wonder why Darcy is so cold to her, right from the start. I mean, isn’t he good friends with her brother? So he’s probably known her for a while, right?

And yet he coldly rejects all her advances and shuts her down whenever she tries to compliment his fast writing or his sister or his sister’s design for a table or the odiousness of business letters…

Okay, so I am beginning to see why he didn’t like her.

But! He tells Lizzy that he doesn’t have the talent of conversing easily with people that he has just met. Based upon personal experience, I know that when I find myself at an awkward dance in an unfamiliar… barn, I stay especially close to those I do know – even if I don’t like them that much under normal circumstances. You would think he would at least talk to her, you know?

Shocking Fact Number Seven – Darcy Is Friends With Bingley

Image result for pride and prejudice 2005 darcy and bingley practice proposal

How shall I put this… delicately?

Bingley does not exactly strike me as the most intelligent young man on the globe. In fact, you could say that he is incredibly stupid. And you wouldn’t be lying.

Don’t get me wrong – Bingley is adorable. In the same way that an overgrown Golden Retriever puppy is adorable.

I would like to pat Bingley on the head.

And it is kinda sweet when he is on the balcony waving goodbye the Bennets and just can’t seem to stop.  Or when he is so distraught over leaving Jane that he apparently forgets to shave and so looks even more like a scruffy little puppy.

But overall, this guy doesn’t have a lot of substance. By his own admission, he doesn’t read, we can see that he is easily persuaded and cowed, he’s absurdly awkward and can’t carry on a normal conversation to save his life, and he has a terrible habit of laughing stupidly at anything and everything!

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

How is Darcy friends with this imbecile? Darcy is rich and obviously values education and quick wit and extensive reading.

None of which Bingley possesses.

They say opposites attract and that is certainly true. But in my experience, intelligent people only get frustrated with ignorant people who don’t even attempt to better themselves.

Shocking Fact Number Eight – Jane Is In Love With Bingley

Related image

Jane may not be rich, but she is intelligent. Sure, she deliberately chooses to see the best in people but this is not blind stupidity – it is a choice. Jane wants to be happy and she realizes that she will not be happy if she focuses on what’s wrong with her situation and what’s bad in other people. So she chooses to find the good.

She knows that her sisters are impolite and unruly. She knows that her mother’s behavior is embarrassing and crude. But she has taken the pains to make herself into a lady, even if her family and social standing do not exactly lend themselves to this goal. 

Jane is not dumb.

And so, every time Jane comes home from that ball and says, “Mr. Bingley is just what a young man ought to be,” I regard her with extreme suspicion. 

Mr. Bingley is not “just what a young man ought to be.” A young man ought to be able to talk to people without making a fool out of himself more than a dozen times. A young man ought to be a man and stand up to other people bullying him. A young man ought to make up his own mind, not have it made up for him.

Bingley has many flaws that could use amending. He’s not… ideal.

Like Jane, he tends to see the best in everything. Unlike Jane, I get the impression that this is more because he stupidly believes everything to be good even when it is not and less because he chooses to find something good even in a bad situation.

For example, he glibly states that he has “never seen so many pretty girls in his entire life,” when we are all rather acutely aware that this cannot be true. Jane, on the other hand, discreetly says, “they’re not all bad.” A much more accurate assessment.

So how can Jane want to marry him? Doesn’t she see that they are not on the same plane? She is a mature adult and Bingley… well, Bingley is still working his way through adolescence, I think.

Shocking Fact Number Nine – Mary Is A Sweet Girl

Image result for pride and prejudice 2005 mary playing the piano

She is!

Tell me, what is wrong with loving music, practicing diligently, and hating parties? Nothing!

In fact, I’m inclined to think all of them good character qualities!

The only strike against Mary that I can think of is that she is not the best singer. Not everyone can be, or so I’m told. By my family members. Who complain of bleeding ears and other such ailments. Occasionally.

And yes, her statement about balls being much more sensible if “conversation, not dancing, were the order of the day” is a bit pretentious and stuffy. And she apparently reads boring books aloud to Kitty – but Kitty could use a good stiff dose of boredom every now and then!

Honestly, I refuse to hold a grudge against a girl who plays “Dawn” so beautifully in that opening scene, okay? Okay.

So… were you shocked?

Tell me! Have you seen Pride and Prejudice 2005? Do you love it? Hate it? Something in between? Who is your favorite character? Which of these facts shocks you the most?





36 thoughts on “9 Shocking Facts About The Characters In Pride And Prejudice 2005”

  1. That’s one of my favorite movies and I completely agree with everything you said. You made the fact that I must go start on math more tolerable with the blessing of this post. I too, have Chinese food as a comfort food. If I can’t find Chinese food, I will just eat rice and soy sauce to try to compensate in some way.

    (Also Darcy is the best. Always.)


  2. This was great! Especially the Lizzy being a rapper one. I’M DYING. I love your brain. xD

    I agree that Lizzy is a complete treasure. She may be a little rough around the edges, but she still has a heart of gold. The way she treats her mother and loves her sisters and everything. She is totally precious! And of course Darcy is one of the greatest creations in the fictional universe. <333

    I actually ADORE Mr. Bingley. He's one of my top, top favorite characters. But he IS like a golden retriever puppy, I suppose. Haha! Though…that's probably why I like him. I love the over-enthusiastic, innocent characters. I honestly think he and Jane were perfect together. My mom actually literally was saying to me this morning how the quiet people really like the more rambunctious ones. And that kind of describes Jane and Bingley. I think they're adorable!

    And Mary IS a sweet girl, yes! I've always liked Mary!

    This post was fantastic and is making me want to rewatch this! (Except… *shifty eyes* The BBC version with Colin Firth is my favorite…)


    1. Ha! Thanks. 😉

      Right? She is so much sweeter than we give her credit for!

      I like him too! He just comes across as a bit of a buffoon. He’s still adorable, though. 🙂 I also agree that wildly different personalities can be perfect for each other – I just think he isn’t MATURE enough for her.

      Oh, no!!!! Christine is one of Them. Just kidding. I will forgive this lapse in judgement – apparently some people find Colin Firth attractive???


  3. Love this! And great points/facts! Would never have thought of most of them. But the 1995 mini series will always have more of place in my heart than this version. I mean, come on . . . Colin Firth .What’s not to love? And Darcy will always be my favorite character:)


    1. Thanks, Hope! I can only give credit to the fact that I have seen this movie an unhealthy number of times. 😉

      Ah, yes. The infamous Colin Firth. I don’t understand it myself, but you’re certainly not alone. One very good friend of mine also insists that he is the best Darcy… AT LEAST WE CAN ALL AGREE ON OUR LOVE FOR DARCY HIMSELF, YES? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh goodness, I love that movie! It’s so pretty and fun and happy. 🙂 And it’s my favorite version, mostly because the cast is so perfect in their roles!

    How *does* she say those lines so quickly? I trip over them when I read them! (And Darcy’s awkwardness is so adorable. *swoon*)

    I love how the relationships of the Bennet family are at the core of the story, maybe even more than the romance is. They’re complicated and messy, but even when they get on each other’s nerves, their love and care for each other is so sincere.

    Darcy and Bingley are an odd friendship, but I think maybe Darcy sees him as a kid brother? A little naive and in need of guidance, but also capable of drawing Darcy out of his shell. 🙂

    This was a fantastic post!


    1. IT’S MY FAVORITE TOO!!! (mostly because I haven’t seen any other *coughcough*)

      Honestly, I have no idea. I stumble over simple sentences like, “Hi!”

      YASSSS!!! Darcy is The Adorable. I need him as my pet.

      What a good point! They really delve into the Bennet family in this movie and I love that.

      Yes, I think you’re right. I guess Darcy is just a compassionate soul who took pity on Bingley and saw that he needed protecting and guiding?? 🙂

      Aw, thank you so much, Jameson!


  5. These are my feelings exactly! This is one of my favorite movies of all time … it’s just so great! But yes, this movie is so much more complicated than people give it credit for. The relationships are so complicated and many-layered and such … and Lizzy is really an absolute gem! She is just so amazing!

    Comparing Bingley to an overgrown Golden Retriever puppy is probably the best simile ever made. He’s one of my favorite characters. I mean, who doesn’t love an overgrown Golden Retriever puppy?!

    I don’t really hate Lydia and Kitty, I don’t think. I mean, I find them intensely obnoxious … but I don’t hate them. I’m kinda affectionately annoyed with them. Maybe Lizzy is just a kinder version of that. 😉

    And yes, there’s more to Mary than meets the eye …

    Now I need to go watch this again …


    1. Oh, same here! I love this movie so much!! *hugs it fiercely*

      Wow! Thank you! Typically my similes are poor at best. 😉 He is really so sweet. *pats his head*

      Ugh. I think I hate them. But yes, Lizzy somehow finds it in her heart to be “affectionately annoyed” as you so eloquently put it. 🙂 I guess that’s how it goes with family members…


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, you got Charles Bingley on the dot there. He ever kinda has the same coloring as a Golden Retriever … 😛
        Hehe, yes, I’m affectionately annoyed with some of my family … I know how Lizzie feels … only I guess none of my family are that bad. I should probably be grateful. 😛
        YES! I SHALL WATCH IT AGAIN! As soon as I get some time alone … because my brothers won’t let me turn it on while they’re in the house … XD


        1. Ha! I didn’t even think of that, but it’s true! He really is a human incarnation of a Golden Retriever! 😉

          Same, same… But I have four BROTHERS to be affectionately annoyed with instead of sisters (of course, I have some if those, as well!)…

          Oh, no! My brothers are the exact same way! KICK THEM OUT, KELLYN!!!! BANISH THEM!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

                1. Ah! Good! I would hate for you to be all alone in the world… Besides, then you’d have to wait for that one opportune moment when EVERYONE was out of the house to watch it and it would be a pain. Fangirly obsessions are best shared! 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

  6. Right, so you know I don’t like this movie, but nonetheless I enjoyed this post immensely. I guess because you were picking fun at some of it??? Haha. 😛 First off the part about how Lizzy should be a rapper was a hilarious conclusion. I haven’t seen this recent enough to remember details like that but I can totally see her saying those lines at a super fast rate. 🙂

    What you said about Lizzy being kind to Mrs. Bennett, and caring about Lydia, and liking to see her sisters happy…aww. She does sound SO nice when you talk about her. Still…I remember being frightfully annoyed with her. But then I was annoyed with the whole movie so…

    MR. BINGLEY!! Ohmygoodness! I can’t STAND him in this version. He’s way, WAY too silly and empty-headed in my opinion. I don’t mind characters that are like that sometimes, but not Mr. Bingley. Because he’s NOT supposed to be like that!! And…ha!…that was an excellent point about Jane saying that he was just what a young man ought to be. Like WHAAAT? Not even close. “She is a mature adult and Bingley… well, Bingley is still working his way through adolescence, I think.” HAHAHA. That is hilariously accurate. 😀

    Oh! And about Mary. She really did come off much sweeter in this version than she does in the book or in the 1995 movie. Indeed, there’s really not much to find fault with her in this movie at all, as far as I can remember.

    This was such a fun post! I enjoyed it very much!! 😀


    1. I had something of a premonition that you would enjoy this! As I admit that certain characters are idiotic… *coughBINGLEYcough*

      Oh, yes! Knightley has a gift. She also tends to deliver them with her chin jutting forward, which really helps the rapper image. Now all we need is some chains and saggy pants… 😉

      BAHAHAHA! That’s just it, though. Lizzy (in this version) is not really supposed to be a nice person at all? But there are these subtle things that she does that belie her biting witticisms and it is really quite… surprising, when you suddenly realize, “LIZZY WAS JUST BEING NICE!!!”

      SAME. It’s not that I MIND silly, overgrown boys who don’t read and stumble over themselves, but the book really paints a portrait of a very social, outgoing, friendly young man who everyone loved and who was a fantastic host. We see NONE of that in this version, I’m afraid. 🙂

      I find myself liking Mary quite a bit in this version. She plays the piano constantly, which grates on her family’s nerves and walks into the room where her mother and all her sisters are being buffoons about Mr. Bingley and confusedly says, “who’s got warts?” and makes a fool of herself at a party and all the other girls laugh at her and then she cries into her father’s shirt and declares passionately that she hates parties… and I just find all of that EXTREMELY RELATABLE!!

      All that to say, thank you for the lovely comment (and for reading this post even though the topic probably turned you off a bit at first) and I DO STILL WANT TO WATCH “YOUR” VERSION SOMETIME VERY SOON!!!


    I love the new PP and the older BBC version. And everything you pointed out I noticed LOL
    I have to say that Darcy kinda bothered me though… DO NOT MURDER ME PLEASE! He was just kinda… idk a bit on the wimpier side. Maybe it was his face. Idk. He had a wounded, depressed look forever planted over his features.
    and BINGLEY! OH MY GOSH THAT MAN HAS TO GET A LIFE! He bothered me extremely even though I couldn’t stop laughing if he so much as blinked. He is a complete idiot!!!!!!! AND ITS HILARIOUSLY AWFUL!!!!!!
    I loved the movie lol and this post was hilarious and accurate. ❤ ❤ you should review more movies!!!!


    1. Ahhhh! YOU ARE A RARE CREATURE, MA FRIEND. But seriously, I don’t know anyone else who likes BOTH??? They don’t seem to coexist well….

      *restrains self from murdering*

      “He had a wounded, depressed look forever planted over his features.” <—- THIS IS QUITE TRUE. DARCY IS A WOUNDED PUPPY WHO NEEDS PROTECTING.

      Saaaaaaamee!!! He makes me laugh but he is an idiot, dude. 🙂

      Aw, thank you! I should, shouldn't I??? I want to, but I have SOOO many drafts in my pile… Look for some more movie posts soon, perhaps? I don't watch that many movies but I shall endeavor to review those that I do watch… I'm blathering…


  8. Okay, so I read this weeks ago, laughed hysterically, and then never left a comment apparently????


    First of all, I have never seen this particular version of Pride and Prejudice, but I REALLY want to!!! (ELIZABETH SWANN!!!)

    Second, this is hilarious!!!! Especially the whole thing on Bingley!! I mean, why would they make him practically a dope when he’s supposed to be the model individual of a young man??? I’m even more eager to watch this movie now just to laugh at him!!! 😂😂😂


      1. Ack!! Sorry for the late reply! My laptop did something funky, and I couldn’t edit my comment on it, and it was just a giant mess.

        Anyway!! I can’t really remember which version I saw initially, as it was many years ago, but I JUST watched the 05 version two nights ago, and I LOVED it!!!

        Bingley was just as idiotic as I had hoped! And…his hair??? Just…his HAIR. I couldn’t stop thinking how ironically he looked like the evil little villain dude from the Incredibles…

        Darcy was awesome, and Elizabeth Swann/Bennet spoke SO FAST. Half the time I didn’t even know what she was saying?

        The movie was great. I’m definitely watching it again! 😂😂😂

        But seriously… Bingley’s HAIR????


        1. No problem! Hope your computer is better now???



          Yaaaaaaasssssssss! My dad says the exact same thing! He also kinda looks like Lex Luther from the new Batman/Superman movie???

          Yeah… It will take you about ten viewings to get EVERYTHING they say. I remember the first time I watched it I was like, “well that was fun and I think somebody proposed?????” And now I get all the funny parts and everything. 🙂


          Liked by 1 person

          1. Well, the laptop does this weird thing where you can’t edit a comment once you begin typing, but the main computer doesn’t do that, so that’s what I’m commenting with right now, haha!

            YES!!! WE SHALL DO ALL THE FLAILING! *flails for five thousand years*

            Bahahaha! That’s awesome! And oh my word, he really does! I just looked up an image of Lex Luthor (cause I’m lame and haven’t seen the movie) and it looks just like him! Only he needs to add some poof poof to his hair so that it sticks up weird…

            Oh, YES! We would be able to have a PRIDE AND PREJUDICE day and just watch ALL the Pride and Prejudice’s!

            Bahaha! Yep! Pretty much my reaction! I loved it though, and I’m totally gonna watch it again! Oh yeah, some of the humor in that movie was EPIC! I loved it so much…


            1. Strange! My computer did the same thing when I would work on Spanish for school…

              Wow! Five thousand years? Imma be exhausted by the end of this! 😉

              Ha!!! I’m lame too, then, because I haven’t seen them either!! 😉 Just previews and things. 🙂 Yes!!! He needs some Pouf…

              Yessssss!!! Like all the different versions…!!!!

              It’s awesome! Once you figure out what they’re saying, its even better!!!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Oh dear… Computers are so mean…

                Bahahahaha! We’re gonna need some caffeine… And also an invisibility cloak so we can cheat death…

                Yay!! We can be lame together!!! Oh yes!! Lots and lots of pouf!!

                I’m so excited to watch it again now!!! I need to know what they are saying!!! Ugh!!!


                1. #computersareevil

                  Cool! Hot chocolate and invisibility fuzzy quilts to the rescue!! 🙂 Just saying, of all my bloggerly friends I think I would get along the best with you in person. I’m pretty quiet and a lot of my blogging friends are too so we would probably just awkwardly stare at each other but I think you and I would get along great. 😉

                  #lametogether #pouf

                  Yeah, just watch it nonstop about ten times in a row and you’ll get the hang of it!! 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Awwww!!! That literally makes me feel so happy!!! 😀 I think we’d get along fantastically, as well! I’m sort of a chatterbox, so we’d have an unending plethora of things to talk about at least, haha! 😀

                    Bahaha! I love #lametogether! That seriously needs to be a tag!!!

                    Ooh! Okay! *runs off to glue myself to the couch until I watch it ten times*


                    1. Exactly! I have so many really sweet friends but most of them are introverts like me and so it would probably be really awkward to meet them, as much as I’d like to. Because you’re so bubbly, I don’t think we’d have that problem!! 😉

                      Good idea!! I need to look into this… I could create a series of questions about unpopular opinions or not being part of the bandwagon…!!

                      Hahahah!! Yes! Glue yourself to that couch!!

                      Liked by 1 person

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