4 Extremely Convenient Moments In “The Jungle Book”

Don’t get me wrong, this is an undeniably adorable movie.

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And an oddly nostalgic one for me personally since I vividly remember watching it the night that my parents brought Timothy home for the first time. He actually interrupted my viewing of it and I do not believe that I have ever finished watching the animated version. Ever.

But that is a post for another time.

We are gathered here today because I hate convenience. That’s right, folks. I hate it. Convenience is not okay. Things must happen for a reason – in stories, at least. Sure, random coincidences are a thing, but the plot absolutely may not hinge on them.

And while that little boy with the bizarre red underpants is cuteness overload and Baloo is my spirit animal – literally – the new live-action Jungle Book had a few moments that were just over the top.

Number One – Buffalo

Once upon a time, there was a little boy chatting with a panther in the tall grass. All is well. Alas, but the little boy is being chased by a tiger – which, according to my calculations, is actually a recipe for Death. Because, prepare yourself for a little-known fact here, tigers are, indeed, faster than human boys.

But the panther has instructed Red Underpants what to do – run as fast as you can. Never fear, Underpants. This is sure to end well for you!

Enter buffalo. A whole stampede of them, in fact. They happened to be, uh, stampeding nearby and ran by just in time for Little Underpants to grab onto a passing pair of horns and hitch a ride.

And I am left wondering how Wise Panther knew. Are buffalo kind of like trains, always passing a certain point at the same time every day? Has this happened before? How often do he and Red Undies practice this feat?

Number Two – Bear

Once upon a time, Red Undies was having a polite conversation with Scarlett Johanssonn. Things were going just swimmingly. Except for the oft-forgotten detail that Scarlett Johansson is a boa constrictor and she is squeezing the life out of poor, small Undies.

Enter a bear.

That’s right, a bear. A brown bear, to be precise. Strolling in the jungle. Because brown bears are typically found in tropical jungles, you know.

Bow to my superior knowledge of brown bears.

Image result for live action jungle book gifs

Number Three – Tree

Little Red Underwear is in trouble. An unusually large orangutan is trying to kill him. Poor Red.

Desperate to escape from the collapsing ancient temple that is Massive Orangutan’s dwelling, Undies actually throws himself out of a thirteen-or-so story window. Normally a drop from such a height would prove mortal but luckily for this underwear-clad young gentleman, someone has planted a large and seemingly soft tree just under that particular window.

Red Underpants emerges unscathed. Adorable as ever.

Number Four – Language Learning

Once upon a time, Little Undies was educated. We never see this onscreen, of course, but I would say he attended a rather prestigious university based on all the languages he knows. It is truly remarkable.

He can speak Boa Constrictor, Brown Bear, Panther, Tiger, Orangutan, and Wolf fluently. Unfortunately, it is not enough. Gibbon and small-pear-stealing-cat still evade his grasp.

Looks like our friend Underpants needs to head back to school…

But seriously. This movie is precious.

Image result for live action jungle book gifs

Have you seen the new live-action Jungle Book? Isn’t it precious? Doesn’t convenience drive you insane? What is the most infuriatingly convenient moment in fiction you know of? Share in the comments!


30 thoughts on “4 Extremely Convenient Moments In “The Jungle Book””

  1. Oh my word, this post!! 😂😂😂 This movie actually disturbed me greatly, and I can agree that there are MANY convenient moments in it. Personally, I was shocked at all the violence in a children’s movie???? So much death and destruction is sure to corrupt young lives into murdering machines that laugh maniacally into the void and eat virtual cookies and–

    Oh wait…. That’s me…

    As for Baloo, I thought they said he was a sloth bear? I’m not sure where sloth bears are located, but I do agree that whatever forest they were in is severely populated with an astonishing assortment of wildlife.

    And oh my goodness, I never noticed how he couldn’t understand certain animals!! That is hilarious!!!!

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    1. Okay, so yes, it was kinda scary for kids. But the animated film was too??? Just in a more subtle way that adults would pick up on more than kids. Like the whole Kaa scene??? CREEEEEEPYYY.

      Really? I have never heard of a sloth bear! Clearly I should have done some research before posting this! 🙂 Thanks for straightening me out!

      Right? Maybe there is some sort of common language…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yeah, the animated one totally freaked me out as a kid. Kaa was like my worst nightmare.

        Sloth bears are ADORABLE!!! There’s one at our zoo, and he likes to smell the lotion on our hands through the glass when we go see him!!! Oh no, you still could be right, because I’m pretty sure in the animated version he was a grizzly. So I’m not exactly sure if he is a sloth bear or not???

        Perhaps! Apparently the little pear stealing thingies never learned it, though, lol!


        1. I didn’t watch the movie much, but yes, he freaked me out as well.

          Awwwww! That is so precious! I’m jealous, Kenzie. 🙂 I’ve never been to a zoo. 😦

          In the animated version he was BLUE, so I’m not exactly sure what they were going for there…

          Yes. The Pear-Cats are not well-educated. 😉


  2. I love the nicknames for the characters. ;D

    I was actually forbidden from talking during this movie because I kept pointing out holes and inconsistencies in the plot. The visual effects were very stunning, however 🙂 I just didn’t particularly enjoy it. My family did ;D

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  3. I couldn’t finish watching this, and my oldest also bowed out about an hour in. It was intensely disturbing to me that there was so many very dangerous animals trying to hurt the child – in a movie aimed at children. And the plot holes/convenient moments were crazy-everywhere. It was so unbelievable, I couldn’t even try.


    1. Wow, really? I envision kids liking this movie, even if it is a bit scary at times.

      The original version is rather disturbing as well, however. The creepiness is pretty abstract, though, so young children don’t tend to pick up on it… And adults DO. 🙂


      1. I think it was that the boy was in constant danger from very real animals. It was exactly why I didn’t like the story when I was a kid, and I didn’t blame my son one bit for saying he couldn’t finish it.


        1. Ah! So you weren’t okay with the original, either. I thought you were saying that you liked the animated but not the live-action. Personally, I don’t find either one terribly suitable for young children. :/


          1. Yeah, I remembered being scared by the animated version in my childhood, so I never suggested it to my son. He chose to give the live action a try. I wasn’t at all surprised when he decided he didn’t like it.


  4. LOL. Red Underpants, I’m dying. XD

    Yes, this movie definitely had some very convenient…conveniences (I’m so eloquent, I know), but I still absolutely adored it. I was never actually super wild about the animated movie… Oops? I LIKED it, I just liked other Disney movies much, much more. But I LOVED this live action version, conveniences or not.

    And I do agree, conveniences in fiction just don’t need to happen. At least not to this degree.


  5. Oh my goodness, I literally laughed out loud at the Red Underpants parts. XD

    And I hate to be THAT person, but my Correctness alarm will not let me leave this post alone (I’m sorry XD). There are breeds of bears that live in the jungle. They’re smaller than Baloo, but they definitely are brown and bigger than your average human. There, the alarm stopped beeping.

    I definitely agree with all your points. Especially the language one. LITERALLY, NOT ALL ANIMALS SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE. And how would a tiny human boy learn the languages?? Oh well, like you said, it really is such a sweet movie.


    1. Good! I’m glad it made you laugh!

      Haha, you’re fine! Clearly I should have done may research a bit more before posting this, huh? 🙂

      I had NO. CLUE that bears could live in a jungle/be native to a jungle habitat! Thanks a LOT, AnimalPlanet!!!!


  6. I did see this movie!! I thought it was soooo cute! But yeah, there are a lot of little conveniences sprinkled throughout the film. I always wondered about how Mowgli could talk to ALL the animals. Like, how? Where did you go to school? And can I go? Because I want to learn to talk to the animals too. XD


  7. I have seen this movie, and I thought Red Underpants was so adorable I just wanted to pat him on the head. (highfives to you for finding a suitable nickname)
    Even though the lazy bear and sleek panther were as awesome as ever, the movie didn’t really connect for me the way the original animated version did. There wasn’t the magical music or that nostalgic cartoon feel. And Baloo was… idk, different, kinda weird. I totally get why you would love this movie, but it just didn’t have it for me. There was a ton of weird plot flaws and CONVENIENCES DRIVE ME INSANE AND THIS MOVIE WAS FULL OF THEM!!!! The whole wolf pack was so adorable though, and I need a wolf cub to cuddle.
    And like how he kills his nemesis? What kinda red underpants dude can climb trees and burn up tigers when he’s 8/9…? At that age, I couldn’t even tie my shoelaces correctly…
    Great post, I loved all the nicknames lol and I’m glad that someone hates convinces just like me XD XD ❤


    1. Yes! He is precious and needs protecting!

      Really? I’m sorry to hear that. I’m afraid I was never very interested in the animated version… I liked this one MUCH better.

      Awwww! Wolf cubs are the cutest! I wanted to weep at the cuteness. 🙂

      Ha! Same here. I STILL can’t tie my shoes correctly… #embarassing

      Thank you!


  8. HAHAHA! You’re hilarious! I love this kind of post. 😀

    And YEEEEEES! Convenient moments like this drive me nuuuuuts!! Grabbing the buffalo by the horn and hitching a ride? Like, WHAAAAT???

    “Because, prepare yourself for a little-known fact here, tigers are, indeed, faster than human boys.” (I never knew that!! Why did no one tell me that before???!)

    Ha. The whole soft, comfy tree RIGHT under the window thing. Way too obvious. 😛 And coming away from that enormous fall unscathed. Hmmm…this is reminding me very much of The Hobbit films. Seriously, though, why make a live action movie if you’re going to make your characters do things that are only plausible in a cartoon movie??! Haha. Answer me that. 😛


    1. Thank you!!!!

      Right? Even aside from the inherent DANGER of grabbing a wild AND stampeding buffalo by its most dangerous body part, how DID he work out the TIMING???? It was just so impeccably, flawlessly done! The boy has SKILLS, man!

      I know, right??? No one ever TOLD mee??? I had to Google it!!!

      Well, well, Miss March! You have a rather valid point there… Why indeed???


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