The Big Reveal: Metal Hands, Metal Soul

I suppose I should start off by apologizing for the unintentional hiatus I took this month?

Ahem, well, yes. About that.

Firstly, I have Excuses. Obviously this thrills your little soul to the snapping point. Alas, I have been fighting a losing war with my health and my role in a musical production of Beauty and the Beast is eating up my weekends – time formerly spent nurturing my firstborn child, Story And Dark Chocolate.

Secondly, I must admit that I don’t know when my posting schedule will get back to normal – normal being something like two posts every week? Play practices will continue to take up my free time until June… and I had been planning to tell you guys that as a General Rule I hiatus during the summer when I have no schedule and can’t be expected to use precious brain capacity trying to stick to one.

So. This is awkward.

Image result for beauty and the beast live action photos gaston and belle

We’ll just… see what happens, okay? I maketh no promises.

And now that I have gotten the preliminary excuse-making and apologizing out of the way…

I’m writing a new story, guys.

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Are you excited? I’m excited.

In the beginning, it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling… which is ironic, because I had no idea that I would be participating in a musical of that story and was also relatively unaware of the existence of the live-action film coming out in March. And, not that this has anything to do with anything, but now that I am in the musical, I am going insane with excitement for the movie! I will probably die from the strain before the 17th rolls around, but whatever. Unimportant details.

Where was I?

Ah, yes.

It was a Beauty and the Beast retelling. Sort of. Now, to give you a bit of background, I don’t love this story.

Not that there is anything wrong with it… it was simply never a favorite. In fact – and prepare yourself for something dreadful – I have never, to this day, seen the Disney’s iconic animated version. Stop glaring. I had a weird childhood, okay?

Image result for beauty and the beast gifs

As far as fairytales go, I was always more attracted to the ones with a bit more potential. Rapunzel and the Little Mermaid and Jasmine and Mulan. Shut up, I know she’s not a Disney Princess.

Image result for dishonor on you gif

Sleeping Beauty and Belle and Cinderella… well, they were boring to me. Sweet and good and utterly unrelatable. Obviously you are welcome to disagree, as I know some of you adored these classic characters. I just… didn’t.

So you’re probably scratching your head – and I must recommend quitting, because it’s a gross habit – at this point, wondering why I would choose a fairytale I don’t even like to write a retelling of. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me either, to be honest.

My only real reason is that I feel the story needs “fixing.”

The Beast, for example. What is he, exactly? It is never made clear, but Disney’s version painted him as a kind of lion-bear-sabre-toothed-tiger hybrid with ram’s horns. Disturbing, honestly. And, forgive me for being dark, but I always wondered just what we were encouraging? Belle doesn’t fall in love with the Beast knowing that he will turn into a man. She falls in love with a beast… with an animal.

And this is, apparently, considered okay, normal behavior?

Yeah. Actually no. Not where I come from, sister.

Image result for beauty and the beast gifs

Another thing that bothered me hugely was that he transforms into a human as soon as Belle falls in love with him. This isn’t fair. This isn’t how things work. 

Ugly people don’t get magically hot, okay? They have to come to terms with the face they see in the mirror every day and learn – slowly, painfully – that the right people love them not because of how they look but because of who they are.

Wow, that just got intense.

Image result for beauty and the beast gifs belle sad

It’s just not right, okay? It’s not.

Besides, how would you like it if you fell in love with one dude and then got cheated out of him because he turned into somebody else? You wouldn’t like it. Belle fell in love with an ugly guy, ugliness and all. Change the ugliness, change the whole person and end up with one sad Belle.

Image result for beauty and the beast gifs belle sad

Therefore. I set out to fix these glaring mistakes. Enter a disfigured man with claws instead of fingers and a French teenager with attitude, a cursing problem, sociopathy, and short blond curls.

Because we are crushing stereotypes over here, alright?

And then… the story took on a personality of it’s own – I’m still not sure whether or not to be happy about this – and things evolved from there. It’s looking a lot less like Beauty and the Beast now…

Instead of being set in 19th Century London as originally planned, my story decided it was a fantasy of the same breed as The Songless. Rest assured, the world will be 19th Century Londonesque in the extreme. It’s just set a couple thousand years in the future instead of being historical fiction. No big deal or anything.

Tessa Emily Hall wrote an awesome post on Go Teen Writers about “the story of your heart.” This post inspired me to write what I love instead of vainly struggling to force this story to be something it clearly did not want to be.

As in The Songless, my story’s primary focus is the angelic beings who populate future-Earth.

Langdon is my “beast.” His parents altered him so that he could protect himself in a world that was becoming increasingly hostile to his race – they replaced his fingers with seven-inch steel claws.

Isabella was also altered, but in a far more invasive way. Her soul was removed, leaving behind a robotic, hollow shell of a teenage girl who only knows how to follow orders. And cannot read the books she used to love. However. Perhaps her surgeons did not do as perfect of a job as they first presumed. Isabella likes food, Isabella is lefthanded, Isabella has a sense of curiosity – all things that should not be true.

I’m calling it Metal Hands, Metal Soul. Because Anna said that sounded better than Hollow Steel, the alternate option. I was planning on calling it Mechanical Heart because of it’s anthem, Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling, but then I realized that monkeyeverything was using the same title for her serial story and I didn’t want to steal because stealing isn’t nice, kids. Learn from me.

So. In an effort to help you get to know my precious children, I am going to answer a series of questions Cait and Sky posted on their blogs for that purpose.

Shall we?

How and why did they meet?

Well, this one’s easy. Isabella is being used as a weapon against her own race. Since she has no emotions, she is uniquely suited to her job – annihilating all the others like her.

Langdon is simply one on a rather long list.

What were their first impressions of each other?

Langdon immediately noticed that something was off about Isabella.

Isabella, on the other hand, cannot form impressions of people.


How would they prove their love for each other?

Image result for beauty and the beast gifs belle sad

That escalated quickly.


Who said anything about love? I mean, in just the last question I explained how the whole relationship is founded on Isabella’s mission to eliminate Langdon. As in, kill him?

Okay, fine. Isabella stays with Langdon when he has a seizure and subsequently, uh, does not murder him. Langdon breaks his promise never to hurt anyone again and kills an operative sent to kill Isabella.

What would be an ideal date?

Something involving food, undoubtedly. That was one of the ways in which this story surprised me. There is a truly shocking amount of food in it.

Image result for beauty and the beast gifs

This has nothing to do with the fact that I was unable to eat solid foods when I was brainstorming it.

Is there something they emphatically disagree on?

Perhaps the fact that Isabella wants to kill Langdon? Maybe?

List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)

My characters are, alas, not this well-developed as yet. The only food quirk I’m aware of is, well, that they love food. Especially cake…

What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?

The questions are getting deeper…

Isabella knows everything there is to know about Langdon because she read his file. But I suppose those are only the things that can be evaluated or measured…

Well, he tells her about his promise not to hurt anyone ever again. And Langdon is the one who discovers that Isabella’s surgery wasn’t entirely successful.

What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?

Langdon won’t tell Isabella what happened that made him so terrified of hurting people. Isabella’s altered mind doesn’t understand the concept of secrets, so she is completely open about her past.

How would their lives be different without each other?

Well, Langdon would be dead, so his life would, quite literally, not be. Isabella would have been killed as soon as she outlived her usefulness and she may never have discovered the remnants of her personality.

How touching.

Where do they each see this relationship going?

They want to survive. There is no relationship, to be honest. Langdon is in his thirties and Isabella is a young teenager. And I doubt either of them will make it out of the book alive, so it doesn’t especially matter.

I find myself in a quandary, though, and thought perhaps you could help me. Now that I am more familiar with the story of Beauty and the Beast, I have thought of several retellings that I think would be fantastic.

Like… what if the story was told from the perspective of one of the girls in Gaston’s entourage?

Or what if Gaston really did love Belle, but she just hated him for some reason?

Or what if Belle rejected Gaston because she was in love with LeFou?

And, lastly, am I the only who has thought of the fact that the Beast has clearly gone through this whole abduct-a-random-village-girl routine before? What are the implications of this? A story about one of the “failed Belle’s”…

Let us commence to shriek together!

What are your thoughts on my new novel? Do you like it? Hate it? How do you feel about retellings? Yes or no? On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you for the live-action version coming out? Have you seen the Disney animated version? Do you love it? Did you grow up watching the Disney Princess movies? Which Disney Princess is your favorite? Which of my newest ideas piques your interest the most – Failed Belle, Belle And LeFou, Gaston’s Girl, or Nice Gaston? 


59 thoughts on “The Big Reveal: Metal Hands, Metal Soul”

  1. Saaame! I was always upset when he became the prince because he was this different guy. (But dude I watched that movie for that gorgeous library) I really do enjoy your take on this… I hope we’ll see some excerpts in the future ❤


  2. I grew up loving all Disney Princesses (including Mulan), but Belle was always BY FAR my favorite. Why? I have no idea. I just loved her. Maybe it was the whole fellow book lover thing? I don’t know. But I’m going to go see the new movie for my birthday (late March) with my best friend and I’M SO EXCITED!! My favorite princess + Emma Watson!! Like AHHH it’s so perfect!
    ~Julia ❤

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  3. I think you’re missing the point about the classic fairytale. The whole idea behind how to break the curse was that someone would learn to love the Beast for who he was *inside* – and it really needed to be a pure soul, the “Beauty”, someone who would look past the intimidating exterior, and the grand palace, and the loss of happiness to the estate, and be able to find those redeeming qualities that would bring forth the true prince. Not just a handsome guy with riches and a title, but a forgiven soul worthy of loving. The idea of forbidden and unnatural animal relationships does not come into the equation at all.


      1. She did. But it was because she decided she didn’t care what he looked like on the outside, and she was much more concerned with his heart. The fact is that he was always going to change back/the curse was always going to be broken (in storytelling terms) before any sort of “traditional” relationship (i.e. regular marriage) took place. The Grimm Brothers were very influenced by many of the older legends/myths of the European countries, which often included humans being transformed into animals by a curse, and only a pure soul could see through the evil spell to the trapped human within.


          1. There are a lot of perspectives lost in literature as culture and views change over time. For example, 1,001 Arabian Nights has become so well known in popular culture that its true meaning has become “watered down,” and now there are YA novels going back to its roots – which I find disturbing, honestly. But it’s been romanticized and now these novels have a big fan base.

            Most traditional fairytales (for us) are a product of the culture they were invented in – which was generally 15th-16th century Western Europe. So, if you’re looking at the stories through a “modern lens,” they may not make sense. But that’s also the point of studying classic/foreign literature, to understand all the different perspectives.


            1. I think you have a good point. Back then, it was taken for granted that some of the common tropes were merely symbolic. But we’ve taken the OUT of the context of their culture and taken symbols literally and then things get weird and don’t belong.

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well! 😦 And you’re in a theater production this summer? That’s fun! So am I!

    I have mixed feelings about retellings…they can be cool if done right, but I tend to get touchy and scream and shriek and moan “THEY RUINED MY PRECIOUS FAIRY TAAALLLLEEE” in certain situations. 🙂 Like the movie Malificent. I simply adored the original Disney Sleeping Beauty, not because I grew up on it (I didn’t) but because it was so delightfully stereotypical and Prince Philip slaying the dragon was so totally awesome. And then in Malificent they turn around and make the coolest villain ever into the heroine, and wimpify Prince Philip, and, and, and *bursts into uncontrollable childish sobs*

    *recovers* Well that got out of hand. *sniffs and smiles brightly* Since this is such a Beauty and the Beast centered post, I must simply take the opportunity to quote my hero G. K. Chesterton: “There is the great lesson of ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ that a thing must be loved before it is lovable.”


    1. Yes, well, it’s not terribly fun but I’m hoping to see some improvement soon???

      Cool! What play are you in?

      That is so true! They really can be messed up very badly. That’s kind of why I like to do “distant retellings”? Like, yes, it’s based on it, but not very similar because so many changes have been made??? Kinda makes it not as offensive if you adore the original. Maybe?

      I haven’t seen Maleficent (I WANT TO!!!) but, yreah, Wimpy Philip does NOT sound good! 🙂

      Lovely quote, dear!


  5. I’m in Our Town. I think I’m going to like it, but it isn’t half as fun or light-hearted or musical as Beauty and the Beast. And you’re one of the girls in Gaston’s entourage?? My goodness, I’ve always thought it would be frightfully fun to play one of them!

    Oh yes, yes, distant retellings please. Not half so disappointing. 🙂

    *sniff* *sniff* WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO MY PHILIP?? Actually he wasn’t that bad as a character, just…I missed the part where he slays the dragon, let’s put it that way. 🙂


    1. Ah! I’ve heard of it, but don’t know much about the plot or characters… Except I’ve heard it’s depressing and wasn’t there a guy named George?

      Yes, I am!!! It is so fun! (In a “I feel somewhat ridiculous” kind of way…) Got to try on my costume for the first time and it is the cutest! 🙂

      Weeeelll, if Maleficent is the main character and heroine it would be a bit problematic to have Philip comes in and murder her… Just sayin’…


  6. First of all, I am so sorry you’ve been sick! I hope you’re getting better!!! *sends soup and blankets and a good book to read* Be kind to yourself and don’t worry about blogging (though I shall miss your posts!). Some chapters in life just don’t have room for a lot of blogging. That’s completely understandable.

    Second, BEAUTY AND THE BEEEEAST!!!!!! THE NEW MOVIE. I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED. I may or may not have cried when I first watched the trailers. *cough, cough* See, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale of all time (it’s okay it’s not yours, I will not judge!), and I LOOOOVE how Disney has been making live action versions of all their classics. Maleficent, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon–they’ve all been AMAZING. So when I heard they were making one for my beloved Beauty and the Beast, I may have shook the earth with my squeals of excitement. IT BETTER BE GOOD BECAUSE I HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS. So far their movies have been PERFECT. So I’m really, really hoping this one will be just as good.

    I did totally grow up with all the Disney princess movies. Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast being the two big ones. xD BUT when I discovered the world of the ORIGINAL fairytales, my love got a little dampened. Disney totally changed the way we perceive fairytales and I maaay be a bit bitter. Eheh.

    I totally and completely get your need to “fix” the story!!! I’VE FELT THE SAME. Well, not with Beauty and the Beast, but with others. Such as Sleeping Beauty. That story has way too many holes for my liking. I’ve been wanting to do a retelling of it for YEARS. Not because I really like it (it’s definitely not my favorite fairytale), but because the plot bothers me and I want to fix it! BUT. Then Disney produced Maleficent and fixed every single thing that I ever had a problem with that story and turned it into PERFECTION. That is literally one of my favorite movies. IT IS PERFECT.

    As far as your thoughts on B&B, I don’t totally agree. It’s my favorite fairytale because I perceive it as a powerful redemptive story. To me, it can be used as an allegory of Jesus and us. Even when we were “ugly”, unlovable beings, He loved us and made us white, took away our ugliness. Just as Beauty did with the Beast. One of my favorite quotes is one by G.K. Chesterton: “There is the great lesson of ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ that a thing must be loved before it is lovable.” I think that encompasses the moral of the story so well.

    Now, I actually totally have thought about how Disney made the Beast sort of like an animal. That IS weird, and has bothered me for many years. But I think that was just Disney’s perception. Actually, Disney changed so much of the original story it’s not really even the same thing. Like Gaston, who doesn’t exist in the original tale. xD And how Beauty had 2 sisters, even 2 sisters AND 3 brothers in some of the old version. I wish they had followed the original tale more. I totally understand them not following SOME fairytales, because original fairytales are messed up, man. o.o Some would be rated R if made into a movie. xD But B&B is actually not very creepy at all, and just a beautiful story.

    But ANYWAYS, all that to say, I love B&B but it’s totally okay you don’t! That’s the wonderful thing about fairytales, they can be perceived in SO many different ways. We can all glean different wisdom (or lack thereof) from them, and I think it’s just awesome.

    BUT GIRL. YOUR B&B STORY SOUNDS SO FASCINATING AND UNIQUE AND EPIC. o.O Seriously, your story ideas are THE. COOLEST. I love how imaginative you get! Break those stereotypes, girl. DO IT!

    (MY WORD. THIS COMMENT IS AS LONG AS YOUR POST. I am so sorry! I just feel very strongly about fairytales, and Beauty and the Beast especially. xD BUT I AM HUSHING NOW.)


    1. Christine, I love your comments so much!!! *hugs nice comment*

      And your comment was nowhere near as long as my post because it was an unusually large post because #flailing. 🙂

      Thank you so much! I hope to be back to normal soon. 🙂

      Awww! I’m very excited, too! But you clearly have more history with this story than I do. The trailer did give me chills, though!

      I really want to see the other live-action versions… So far I’ve only seen Jungle Book.

      So true, my friend. I’ve been doing some research of my own and, dear me, did they change some things…!

      Agh, I need to see Maleficent!!!

      Okay, so I totally see where you’re coming from. The story IS symbolic. However, I feel like in the movie it became extremely literal and could send the wrong message. I just wish we could gave redemption without a physical makeover. Again, I realize his outward ugliness and transformation were both only symbolic… But still. You can be redeemed on the inside without it affecting your appearance.

      right? They changed it ALOT. And there was really no reason to???

      Ack, thank you so much!!!


  7. “Change the ugliness, change the whole person and end up with one sad Belle.” Haha. I actually never thought of that before, but that would have to have been quite a shock for Belle when the guy she fell in love with suddenly changed into a completely different person before her eyes. Except, well, he wasn’t exactly a different person because he was still the same on the inside. That’s one thing the cartoon shows. She’s staring at him dumbfounded and he says, “Belle” and looks at her. And she looks into his eyes and see that it’s the same person.

    Crushing stereotypes, though. Ooooh. I LOVE crushing stereotypes. 😉

    Neither of them is going to make it out of the book alive? KAAAAATE! Why must you write such sad things. 😦 Did no one ever tell you a story’s supposed to have a happy ending? (That’s my opinion for you anyway. ;P Heehee.)

    About the live action Beauty and the Beast that’s coming out. I actually am starting to get a little excited about seeing it. I didn’t have very high hopes for it at first, but since seeing the last trailer I decided it might actually be interesting. 😉

    And you’re acting in a play of Beauty and the Beast? How cool is that!! Are you having fun? 🙂


    1. Right??? Actually, I must concede that the Disney version did that bit reasonably well – she didn’t recognize him and seemed startled and weirded out and I like that his eyes stayed the same and that was how she was able to know it was him. I’m rambling.

      YAS. Me,too!!! (Obviously.)

      I’m sorry! 🙂 I just can’t seem to resist the lure oif sad endings… (Also: crushing stereotypes, remember???)

      I wasn’t at all excited but now that I’m in the play I am freaking out!!!



  8. AAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Fairy tale retellings are my absolute FAVORITE THING EVERRRR!!!!!!! And I am extremely excited for the new Beauty and The Beast, so probably like a 9.99 out of ten?? I believe I’ve seen the Disney animation, but I was so little I can remember literally nothing about it, so…yeah.

    But oh my word, your book sounds both depressingly sad and fantastic at the same time!!! I don’t whether to fangirl or cry… The concept of the whole thing is pure genius, though, so I’m totally in love with it!

    And you’re in a Beauty and The Beast play????? That is EPIC!!!!


    1. Oh! And my favorite Disney princess is probably Anna from Frozen, as I get told I’m a lot like her. She’s feisty, fun, and has a passion for sandwiches, too, so that’s a win-win. My second pick would be Rapunzel, but she’s way too innocent for me to ever be anything like her…


      1. That is awesome! I’ve never seen Frozen but from what I can tell, Anna is a truly admirable young woman. 🙂 Rapuuuunzelllll!!!!! She is literally my favorite thing! We are vaguely similar… She’s much more bubbly than me, though.

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          1. Same here. (Except… I haven’t SEEN Frozen????) Tangled is… ASDGHJKLKHGFDSD the best thing ever.

            Really??? That’s hilarious! I’m EXTREMELY quiet in person (though very loud on the internet, admittedly!).

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            1. Agh!!! Frozen really is awesome!!! You should watch it sometime if you can! You probably won’t be disappointed. (I say probably in the rare case that you ARE disappointed, and then start chasing after me with a chainsaw in vengeance… [hopefully this will not happen])

              Ugh, I WISH I was quieter in real life… Whenever I try to be quiet, I end up becoming 1002% louder. It’s a problem. Possibly a medical condition.


              1. DUDE. I know I totally should but who knows when it will actually happen??? I mean, I have seen a TIIIIIINYY LEETLE bit of it… like the For The First Time in Forever bit? But other than that nothing. ALAS!!

                I don’t know, man, it doesn’t really seem like MY kind of story??? Like “I am a big strong woman which means I take orders from no one and can builld ice castles! FEAR MEEEEEE!” I’m sure I will love Anna, though. She is so Rapunzel (which is another reason I’m not crazy about it??? IT SEEMS LIKE SUCH A CARBON COPY OF TANGLED WHICH ADMITTEDLY IS MY FAVORITE THING OF EVER BUT COPYING IS LAME, MAN.)

                I do not chase after people with chainsaws when they give me bad movie recommendations hahahahahahha. I chase after them with axes, silly!!

                Okay, kind of same here? I’m contemplating writing a post on this but recently I’ve been wondering if I actually AM an introvert after all? (#LifeCrisis) Because sometimes it seems like it… and sometimes it doesn’t. I am so bubbly and Rapunzel sometimes and so… erm, I can’t think of a prolific introvert just now, but yes. Sometimes I am an introvert. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? I don’t know, mate. I just don’t know. #LifeCrisisIntensifies

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                1. Ooh!!! That’s a really good song! My personal favorite is Fixer-Upper. It is HILARIOUS!!! And I can definitely understand why you might think it’s like Rapunzel! I mean, I guess it kind of is? A little bit? The plots really aren’t that much alike, but both main characters have been locked up their entire lives… I think I saw on the great and powerful Pinterest where some people believe that Anna and Elsa are related to Rapunzel, though, so that could be why? Or Disney just got lazy, lol!

                  Oh my goodness, I laughed WAY too hard at that comment!! 😂😂😂😂

                  Oh yes, please!!! That would be an absolutely FANTASTIC post!! I need! I need now!!! And sammmmeee!!! My mood swings happen to be very frequent, very sudden, and VERY swoopy. (I literally cannot think of a word to describe something changing in extreme degrees of height…) But seriously, I do hope you write that post!!!


                  1. Haven’t heard that one, but I’m gonna see if I can watch the movie on YouTube? So then I can give a more informed opinion.

                    The song For The First Time In Forever is actually the biggest reason why I think it reminds me of Tangled? Because is it just me or is that song JUST LIKE “When Will My Life Begin”???? Plus Anna is bubbly and friendly and quirky – a lot like Rapunzel.

                    I have seen some stuff about that too! Like if you look really closely they actually make cameos in each other’s movies???

                    Cool! I’ll write it!

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                    1. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs!

                      Oh yeah, I can totally see that. And I also agree! It’s like, they were both practically locked up for their entire lives, and now suddenly they’re getting out and seeing the world and it’s like Disney sort of puked out their old storyboard and revamped it a little bit, haha! But after that the plots differ quite a bit, so it’s not TOO much like Rapunzel. And Anna seems to be a TINY bit more spunky maybe??? Or maybe not… It’s been a while since I’ve actually seen it! 😂😂 Yeah! I think I’ve read that too!




      Also Hermione + Bard = adorable and slightly hilarious!

      Same here. I think I watched a bit of it many years ago but I remember nothing. For the play, though, I thought it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with the story so I pieced together the whole movie using clips on YouTube. 🙂

      Thank you!!! I’m very excited myself! Though I probably made it sound better than it currently is??? I mean, I have a cool premise but no idea how to execute it and pretty much no plot so my characters are sitting around eating cake and I really need them to stop.

      YAS! I’m having so much fun!

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      1. Ugh, I am SO excited!!! And oh my word, that is the BEST! Actually, whenever I want to watch a movie and I either A) don’t have it, or B) can’t find it on Netflix, that is exactly what I do. I just go to YouTube an find all the clips I can on it, haha!!

        Ooh! But having no plot is one of the wonderful things about writing! (she says enthusiastically as she rips a clump of her hair out) Seriously, though, I can totally relate to having no plot. everlost is killing me right now…


          1. Oh, yes, it most definitely is!!!

            Bahahahaha!!! Nah, I’m planning on starting a collection of vibrantly colored wigs. It shall be just one more thing to add to my list of oddities! 😂😂

            Awww!!! That is SO sweet!!!! I might take you up on that at some point! Preferably before I die, lol! I’ve actually spent nearly the entire day writing, and I feel like, though everlost and I are not the best of friends currently, we are no longer mortal enemies, haha! 😂


  9. Ok this story sounds SO good!!! And kinda depressing….
    I’m not a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast because partly of the things you mentioned?!! Like how on earth does someone fall in love with a hairy animal, even if he gives you books?? It’s kinda weird… I personally always felt bad for Gaston even tho he was a complete jerk that needed a good knock on the head LOL
    AGH your story once again sounds awesome. But how can I relate to Isabelle if she doesn’t have that many human emotions?? Just a question lol
    I call being a beta reader XD LOL but yes, loved the post, love your writing and I’m so freakin excited for the new beauty and the beast film coming out. Probably going to see it the day it comes out or the day immediately following it. XD
    This comment was very long I know but I’m listening to PTX and readin about something I’m excited about so LIKE BEAR WITH ME!
    YOURE IN A MUSICAL??!! SO COOL!!!!!! *fireworks*
    Anywaaaaaaay good to have you back my friend!!! How’s the other stories going? ❤ ❤
    I'm done XD


    1. HIIII!!! *hugs you a lot*

      Muahahahaha yes it will be muchly depressing. This is my goal. Obviously.

      Yay!!! B&B haters unite!!!!

      Wow, SAME. Like just no to the hairy-guy-who-is-in-fact-not-a-guy, okay??? You need to be human before I will trust you.

      And, yes! Gaston is a sexist pig but I wish he were a bigger character!??? It’s very strange…

      Okay, so some of her human emotions remained intact and hopefully I will be able to convey that in a convincing and endearing way??? WE SHALL SEE…

      Right??? Such an intriguing idea!

      Dude I totally want you to be a beta reader!!!

      EEEEEK yes I am so excited for it as well!! 🙂

      Ha! Totally understandable. 🙂

      Yes, I am and it is very fun and I am dying with the fun, possibly.


      And thanks for the awesome comment, my friend!


  10. OOooh your story sounds so exciting!! I LOVE RETELLINGS SO MUCH. And I also love Beauty And The Beast SO FREAKING MUCH SORRY IT’S MY FAVORITE DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIE :””’) so pumped for the live action film!! AND YOUR BOOK OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE LIKE WHEN DO I GET TO READ IT <33333333333


  11. YAY NEW STORIES!! (I’m actually beginning to work on one, too, which would be a good thing except for the fact that I have not yet fished out my draft from NaNo and technically I should be working on that, not this…)

    I am at about 7.5 on the scale, maybe 8. I won’t die if I don’t see the new movie, but I’m definitely looking forward to it!!

    I can’t wait to learn more about Isabella, because she sounds like such a unique character. And I think the “failed Belle” premise sounds the most interesting out of the list.

    I hope your play goes amazingly!


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