New Year’s Resolutions And How To Keep Them

Well, would ya look at that? Yet another post that should have been published before January 1st! I’m not so good with deadlines, okay? But I promise this is the last one. After this, we move on. Leave the past in the past, yes?

I am one of those unrealistic dreamers who makes New Year’s Resolutions. I know, I know. No one ever keeps those. Except… I actually have kept some resolutions for several years now? Oops. Guess I’m crushing stereotypes…

How do I do it?

Well, here are a few tips.

Be Specific

The more specific, the better. This year, I resolved to write a minimum of one page every day. I resolved to write three novels of 60 thousand words or more. And I resolved to boost at least one existing novel to 100 thousand words.

These are specific goals – and therefore that much easier to keep. Vague resolutions don’t get kept, son.

Image result for how to train your dragon gifs i have brought down this mighty beast

Make ’em specific.

Make It More Difficult

If you’re like me, you make some of the same resolutions every year. Because if you could do last year, you feel confident that you can do it again, right? Right.

But I would challenge you to make these goals a little bit more difficult than last time. Raise the stakes a bit.

All my writing goals are examples of this. I wrote 50 thousand words last year. So I’ve raised the stakes a bit… we’ll see just how much I can accomplish!

Make It Easier

Admittedly, I fail every year at keeping some of my resolutions. Obviously, this makes me even more determined to accomplish the goal the next year. I’ve found that a good method is to lower the goal just a bit and achieve that first.

Image result for how to train your dragon gifs i have brought down this mighty beast

For example, I sadly was not able to achieve my goal of 200 books last year, so I’ve set my goal on Goodreads for 150. Which, I must point out, is still more than 60 more books than I was able to read last year.

Be Realistic

This is simple.

Know yourself. Don’t be ridiculous. Do not make goals like, “Become supreme ruler of Africa. Buy a castle in Russia. Talk to humans. Leave the house. Read every book on my TBR.”

Image result for how to train your dragon gifs i have brought down this mighty beast

Ha. Let’s not be crazy, okay? For us to accomplish our dreams, we must keep both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Make small goals. Make realistic goals. Keep your goals. Live your dreams. Be a dragon ruler.

Image result for how to train your dragon gifs i have brought down this mighty beast

I am done now.

Okay, humans, let the shrieking commence!

Do you make Resolutions? Do you keep them? What are some of your resolutions for this year? Got any tips for how to keep resolutions? What are your sneaky tricks? Do you ever make the same resolution several years in a row?


26 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions And How To Keep Them”

  1. This is great advice! I find that I set my goals too high. I see other writer’s blogs and how much they can get done in a day or year, and I try to do just as much. I am finding though, that I write much better at a slower pace, so that I can enjoy my story more. Thanks for this post, Kate!
    (By the way, I love the How to Train your Dragon gifs)

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  2. Ugh!!! I have never ever ever been able to keep my resolutions!!! I am such a failure!!!!

    *distant sobbing*

    BUT!!! This year, I am determined to finish my current rough draft of everlost before April, edit it in April and possibly through May, and by the summer, have a draft with which I can hopefully send out to critique partners and beta readers and then, by the fall or possible end of summer if everything goes as planned, I can have a fully finished book that I can send off to publishers and agents and whatnot….

    But that’s only going to happen if I WRITE.

    Which is something I haven’t been doing… #fail

    However, with these very handy tips, I AM GOING TO REIGN SUPREME!!!!! I shall accomplish my goals!!! WOOOOOO!!!!! I feel rejuvenated…

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      You can do it! (Also if I am not one of those beta readers I will hunt you down and STEAL IT!!!! FEEL WARNED.)

      YES YOU WILL. 😎

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      1. Awww!!! That is very sweet of you, my dear friend!

        Oh my word, I feel sufficiently warned!!! When the time comes I will most definitely send out a draft to you! What would I do without my amazing bloggy friends?


          1. Oh my word, you sent this at the PERFECT time, because just last night I made a goal tracker on NaNoWriMo’s website, and TODAY IS THE DAY IT ALL BEGINS!!!! I’m doing a mini version of NaNo this month, and EVERLOST SHALL BE FINISHED!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


  3. Haha. I have a problem with deadlines, too. But yeah, like you said, “leave the past in the past.” Let’s forget about it, shall we? Heehee. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t make official New Years resolutions. Weekly/monthly resolutions work better for me I think. Though, I confess, I have a hard time keeping those, too. ;P

    “Don’t be ridiculous. Do not make goals like, β€œBecome supreme ruler of Africa. Buy a castle in Russia. Talk to humans. Leave the house…” Mwahaha! You’re hilarious, girl! Talk to humans, indeed. And whaaat? LEAVE THE HOUSE? You are so right. Let’s not be ridiculous about this whole thing. ;P

    I guess I do have at least one resolution for this year. And that is to read more books than I read last year. I haven’t got a real plan for how I’m going to accomplish that yet but…we’ll see how it goes. πŸ™‚


    1. Ugh, yes! My nemesis. πŸ™‚

      What an interesting idea! I shall have to try it – I love breaking down my goals into more manageable tasks!


      I’m with you there! Let’s read aaaaaaalll the books, shall we???


  4. Hi Kate!
    These are all great tips! I think the most important one to me is keeping it realistic. If you give yourself an impossible goal, you’ll feel like you can never do it. Little steps are best. πŸ™‚
    Also, those are great writing goals for this year! I hope you achieve them! ❀


  5. So good advice! Especially that we should be more specific! also it doesn’t matter if this comes rather late, I mean this is the time where most people give up already, so you came just right to give them some new motivation!
    love, elena


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