Who Is The Hobo From “The Polar Express”?

The Polar Express is my favorite Christmas movie. So I hope you have seen it. The animation is slightly horrifying and the main character is never actually given a name, but there is one all-redeeming feature. The hobo.

Image result for the polar express hobo

That’s right.

There’s a hobo in this movie. If you didn’t want to watch it before, you surely do now.

Now, if you have already watched The Polar Express, you have probably wondered who the heck the hobo actually is.

This post is dedicated to that question. We’ll take a vote at the end.

1. Santa

This has always been the thought lingering in the back of my mind when I am watching this movie.

I mean, he does a spot-on Santa-laugh impression. And whips a random Santa hat out of his coat. And wears bright red fingerless mittens. And calls himself “the King of the North Pole!”

All good reasons to believe that he is Santa, to my way of thinking.

2. The Boy’s Guardian Angel

You would have to admit that this dude is always conveniently present when the boy’s life is in danger. Not to mention that no one else ever seem to see him.

Definitely seems personal to that particular boy.

3. A Fallen Angel

On the other hand, he is awfully dirty. And generally fits the image I’ve always had of a fallen angel trying to redeem himself.

Kind of like Clarence?

4. The Voice Of Doubt

This hobo seems just a tad cynical? So perhaps he is supposed to represent the more practical, realistic side of the boy’s mind. The side that doesn’t want to believe in Santa, or the Polar Express, or magic.

But that would make him the bad guy in this story… And that just doesn’t seem right.

5. The Boy’s Subconscious

You ever notice how the hobo always seems to be saying the exact same thing that the boy has just said?

Almost like… the hobo is a visible representation of how our brains work?

In which case, I would like to see what my personal Hobo looks like.

6. The Ghost Of Someone Who Died On The Train Or Was Hit By The Train

This story needs a retelling, don’t you think? So much possibility!

I mean, I’m still confused why the story is about the boy when the hobo so clearly has more story potential?

Oh, well. Not everyone possesses my creative genius.

7. Homeless Guy

I know. How boring.

And how many homeless guys do you know who can also disintegrate into mist? That’s what I thought.

So can we just agree that this idea is preposterous? Good.

Who do you think the hobo is? What would your Hobo look like? And most importantly, how many homeless guys do you know?


6 thoughts on “Who Is The Hobo From “The Polar Express”?”

  1. *reads number five*

    Ah yes, very observational, and a sound hypotheses as to who the Hobo could actually be.

    *reads number six*

    Well, that escalated quickly…

    First of all, I love this post. The animation in this movie certainly is horrifying, and I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that!

    Also, I never considered that the Hobo could be Santa??? Like, how could I have missed that??? I’ve always just assumed that he was some guardian of the Polar Express, because the mentioned that he once slipped off the side of the train, but he didn’t fall, because someone or SOMETHING saved him.

    So I guess my vote is The Boy’s Guardian Angel/Guardian of the Polar Express…

    Is that a legal option???


    1. BAHAHA! Yes, I do have a tendency to do that, don’t I?

      I ALWAYS thought he must be Santa when I was little… I don’t even know why.

      Now, Guardian of the Polar Express did NOT occur to me, and I feel like it should have???

      Totally legal (and probably the most correct, tbh!)!

      Liked by 1 person

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