Unedited: Snippets


Some of you have expressed an interest in knowing more about my novel. And so I thought, instead of ranting on and on about it – which I would most certainly do once I got going – I’ll show you.

So here you are!

Exactly ten snippets, completely unedited.

This is the part where I say how nervous I am to have humans looking at words that I wrote. Except I’m not.

Call me cocky, but I handpicked these bits and pieces because they are the best I have to offer. They are what inspires me to keep writing this story when I’m ready to give up. They are little gems. I’m proud of them.

So. I present to you…

The Snippets.


“Can you stop hitting me on the head?”
“Can you stop trying to kill me every time my back is turned?”
“I’m your hostage.”
“Duly noted. But in my defense, it is only the instinct for self-preservation that makes me keep hitting your head.”
“That doesn’t make it hurt less.”


“Why do you wanna kill me so bad anyway?”
“You kidnapped me.”


“I’m gonna get you out of here, Endelyn. I swear it.”
She opened her eyes a tiny crack and offered him a weak smile. “I know you will.” Her eyes drifted closed again.
Makovu looked down at the precious treasure he held in his arms and swore to himself that she would not die. He began to run. She did not wake. He ran faster. They had to get out today. She was slipping away from him. He searched for her in his mind, a difficult task with his eyes open. As he had felt instinctively, her light was dimming.


“The world has changed. There is no sun.”
“What do you mean, no sun?”
“The sun has died. We live in the dark.”


“Common was all they spoke there. So… fourteen years went by and… I had never spoken a word. It sounded so ugly to me. So rough and harsh. I loathed it. Loathed everyone who spoke it. There were many, though, like me. Many old who had ceased speaking, many children who never had. But they did nor refuse to speak it because of its ugliness. They… had lost the will – to live, to move, to speak.”


“You were happy there?”
She hesitated. “For a while, I was happy there.”


And as the hours dragged on, Lyn felt death hovering nearby. She longed to hand herself over into its embrace. But he began to speak. And his rich, beautiful voice, cracked and dry from dehydration, pulled her away from the brink.


Lyn hated herself for her cowardice. She knew what had happened to those men. Honor demanded that she tell him the truth. Apparently she lacked honor enough, because her lips remained firmly sealed.


To her, it was alive with memories, flitting before her eyes like phantoms. Ghosts from her past. All the endless dreary days she spent in The Empire, growing more and more lethargic as days and months and years slipped by. The lifeless eyes if the living – small children hiding behind mothers’ skirts, and the sightless eyes of the dead that were left lying in the street where they slowly rotted and turned to the dust that she walked on. The empty tomb that was the Fortress – the hollow halls and dim corridors, the creaking, dusty wood floors. The forbidden wing… Landric. Sweet, enigmatic Landric, watching anxiously as Lyn deteriorated.


And I watched as that beautiful child with those huge eyes that were so full of life, die a slow and painful death and not even realize it.

Alright, tell me! What did you think? Do you want more snippets (you are getting more whether you like it or not! This is my blog and I do what I want!)?




28 thoughts on “Unedited: Snippets”

  1. These are absolutely AMAZING!!! I would LOVE to have more snippets! My absolute favorite is the first one, partly because the dialogue is just so hilarious, and partly because OH MY WORD THAT SOUNDS JUST LIKE PETER AND THAO!!!!!

    I need this book, Kate. I NEED it.


      1. Well, that is what happens when one is an amazing writer! People naturally fawn over their work!

        Haha! YES!!! They totally are! Isn’t that adorable??? If I might be able to ask, what are the characters’ names?? (The intrigue is killing me, lol!)

        Hahaha! I know the struggle, haha!



      Okay, just kidding. I did think it would get pretty tiring for you all if I posted nothing but snippets… So I’ve decided to do one Snippet Post per month as I find them.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OH, OH, OH. SNIPPETS. This is so exciting!!! *devours them*

    GIIIIIRL. These are epic! :O I love the first two.

    β€œWhy do you wanna kill me so bad anyway?”
    β€œYou kidnapped me.”

    So great. XDDD

    AND THE OTHERS. So full of emotion! I don’t even know what is happening, but I can already FEEL the emotion. Each one just feels so POWERFUL. This whole story sounds so very intriguing!!! Like nothing I’ve ever read before. I LOVE THIS. Definitely share more with us!


    1. I smiled so hard at this comment that my face may have fallen off??? Oops!

      I AM JUST A LITTLE BIT OBSESSED WITH MY OWN SNIPPETS??? (Because I’m narcissistic like that…) So, yes. When you quoted my snippet I was like “Ah, the wit!” and that was pretty much my favorite part of your comment. πŸ™‚

      “I don’t even know what is happening, but I can already FEEL the emotion.” <– ME ALSO.

      Joking aside, I agree. If nothing else, my story is not short on emotion. πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much, girl!!!


  3. Excellent job, Kate! These snippets had a very nice flow to them. I’m going to echo everyone else and say I really enjoyed the first one. The second one, too. I guess I’m a sucker for humorous conversation. β€œI’m your hostage.” β€œDuly noted.” (I love blunt retorts like that. ;))

    You’re doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work!! πŸ™‚


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