I Got Time… I Don’t Got Time

I don’t know what is going on with my schedule right now, honestly.

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It’s been a weird couple of months.

I’m blaming it on my tablet. Ever since I got it, I have no time.

Or perhaps I should say I only have time for certain things.

Like reading blog posts. And writing blog posts. And commenting on blog posts. And responding to comments. And finding new blogs to follow and comment upon. And deciding to jump onto the bandwagon called National Novel Writing Month. Things like that.

On the other hand, I don’t have time for…

1. Spanish

No. Definitely don’t have time for Spanish. How do you say hello again? Hoala?

2. Anatomy

Who even needs to know all that stuff anyway? I call this piece an arm and this one a leg and this is my eye. Clearly I know everything there is to know.

3. Geometry

Ugh. Math. I hate math.

4. Reading books

This makes me sad.

There is something wrong with life when you don’t have time to read books.

But I haven’t read anything in… forever. I haven’t visited a library in… forever. I haven’t checked anything out of a library in… longer than forever.

5. Interacting with humans

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Let’s not be coy. I rarely interact with humans even on the best of days.

6. Brushing my teeth

This may seem random to you, but there was actually a night not too long ago where I thought to myself, “Eh, I don’t feel like it. I’m too tired. I have other things to do – I don’ have time to brush my teeth.”

There is something wrong with this picture.

7. Cleaning my room

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Ew. Do not look at my room right now. It is not a happy place.

8. Writing my book

Which is ironic, since I joined that lovely bandwagon called National Novel Writing Month.

Oh well.

I enjoy contradicting myself. Apparently.

What’s up, people? Time flying? Do you have enough time? Or is time precious and hard to come by these days for you as well? This one’s important: are you brushing your teeth regularly? What is being pushed aside? What do you still find time for, somehow?




23 thoughts on “I Got Time… I Don’t Got Time”

        1. *begins dancing* Why do you write like it’s going out of style? (hey now)…


          I am so sorry to hear that it’s not going well! 😦 Nevertheless, YOU CAN STILL DO THIS! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

          And to cheer you, these words from Thomas Jefferson: DONT ACT SURPRISED GUYS CUZ I WROTE EM! (I don’t know how applicable that is???)

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  1. I have. no. time.
    No time for school
    No time for books *crying*
    no time for… i dunno anymore.
    Running out of TIME OH NO!!!!!!!!
    (I’ve only found time for bingewatching Studio C, watching Batman, watching movies, watching………((my life is messed up)))
    Happy writing to you!!!


  2. I just have to force myself to limit how much time I waste. Willpower, people!! But I LOOVE Spanish, personally…. Though I can sympathize with the not interacting with humans part. πŸ˜›


  3. Haha! I love your posts, Kate!! Yes, time… *sighs dramatically* Trying to catch any for productivity is like trying to catch the air with your hands. (I’m feeling in the analogy mood, I guess) Anyhow, I totally relate! I mean how could have time for school and cleaning and people, when I have all this important stuff to do like drawing pointless sketches, watching movies, pretending to write, reading blog posts, and, most of all, staring at my computer screen blankly for hours wishing that I would do some productive. I haven’t read a book in like a million years (a.k.a. a month) and I have an infinity long list of books that I need to read… It is so sad… 😦


  4. I definitely know how you feel! I’ve been super busy lately! I was too busy to read a book, too, which really does suck. I was also in a bit of a “reading slump” too, so that didn’t help. But I just recently got out of it and found time to read!! Yay!! I hope you can get back to your books soon! ~Julia ❀


    1. AGREED!!! They are my life! πŸ™‚

      I know, right??? Something is wrong with YO LIFE if you don’t have time to read the books!!!

      Aw. Reading slumps are the worst. 😦

      Yas! Let’s both get back to the books! *fist bump*

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    Just kidding on that… Brushing teeth is important…

    HOWEVER! I feel like I’ve got so much time on my hands right now, and yet I have no time for finishing my book…

    I am a writer. Writers should write…

    Yet I cannot for some inexplicable reason.

    So yah, I totally feel you on the contradictory thingy-ma-jig. December is hard…



      Wow. Don’t you have all the luck??? “All this time” – I don’t even know the meaning of these words!!!

      Actually I’m hoping December will be better???? PLEASE?????

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  6. *brushing teeth* Mmmkay!

    Lol! Oh, trust me, the luck is not on my side. Ever. Sometimes it slaps me in the face, though, but that hurts more than helps…

    Haha, hopefully it will be! The month has barely even begun!


  7. The struggle is real, my friend, the struggle is real.

    (I tell you, there have been times when I have been THIS close to saying, “Just forget it” about brushing my teeth of an evening.)

    I’m hoping next semester will be somewhat more manageable (?). Don’t know if that’s how it’ll pan out, but I suppose that’s okay πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed this post!


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