The NaNo Diaries: I Got A Jar Of Dirt

Image result for pirates of the caribbean gifs

Yes, I based this entire post off of this gif.

Because… Johnny Depp… And the looks on their faces…

If this gif doesn’t cheer you up, friends, then I’m sorry to say that you are quite possibly dead.

And did I mention that it Β sums up exactly how I’m feeling just now, in the wake of NaNo madness?

It does.

My novel being the jar of dirt. Obviously.

Image result for pirates of the caribbean you're despicable gif

So it’s a metaphor, see? Because I’m smart like that.

Essentially, I am quite proud of what I accomplished.

But it is, nonetheless, a jar of dirt.However, I do believe his next line is, “And guess what’s inside it?”

The answer to that question – or so poor, deluded Johnny believes – is the heart of Davy Jones.

For me, it’s the heart of my story.

It’s in there! Somewhere… buried rather deeply, perhaps, but fear not, friends, it is there.

So NaNo was a success?


Image result for pirates of the caribbean jack sparrow walk gif

How did NaNo go for you? Are you happy with how it went? Do you feel like you captured the heart of your story? Is it deeply buried? Do you feel like it’s just a jar of dirt?

Image result for pirates of the caribbean gifs


28 thoughts on “The NaNo Diaries: I Got A Jar Of Dirt”

  1. THIS IS GOLDEN. I loooove this analogy, it’s so perfect! Because yes, in the midst of the messiness that is often first drafts, there is still the heart, and that’s what matters. It also goes right with a quote by Shannon Hale:

    β€œI’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.”

    Basically my favorite writing quote.

    Congratulations again on your amazing accomplishment! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING NANO! *showers you with cookies because one can never have too many*

    I love this analogy! πŸ˜€ I’ve never seen Pirates of the Caribbean, but even so, that’s a really funny GIF. (Especially since the main movie that I’ve seen Kiera Knightly in is Pride and Prejudice, so my first reaction was along the lines of, “Lizzie, what are you doing dressed like that and on a pirate ship?!”)


    1. Ah, thank you so much, Kit! It is a huge relief to be done!

      And you’re right – one can never have too many cookies!

      I literally can’t even watch this gif without giggling. And then people look at me funny. So I just don’t look at it.

      Ohmygoodness, though! Pirates of the Carribean is SOOOO similar (Ha! Catch that Pride and Prejudice quote???) to Pride and Prejudice! I consider the Pirates movies to be sequels to PandP, honestly! Collins shows up in the second Pirates and Orlando undeniably looks like Wickham, yes??? NOT TO MENTION THAT HER NAME IS ELIZABETH IN BOTH MOVIES ADFASDFLAKDSFJ;ALKHDAFDKSJFH!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *eats cookies*
        When I write (and then get accidentally distracted by WordPress, oops) I’m in my dark little room, so as long as I don’t laugh really loudly, no one looks at me funny.
        (Nope…where is it??)
        WAIT SERIOUSLY (one of my friends once called Mr. Collins “oily like a fish,” though I think she was referring to the book, and it’s so. True.)
        I think Orlando Bloom WAS Wickham, actually… SO THERE ARE THREE OF THE SAME ACTORS AND LIZZIE IS STILL ELIZABETH. *is very happy about that for some reason*


        1. Wow, okay, I am a little concerned about this dark little room???? DO YOU EVER LEAVE? DO THEY FEED YOU??? I mean, I guess it’s better than a white room with padded walls??? But still.

          Sorry, too obscure, I guess. Lizzy says “we’re so similar” to her dad??? So I said “they’re so similar”…

          Alas, no. Rupert Friend plays Wickham (at least in the 2005 version, which is the one Keira Knightley and Tom Hollander are in). They should gotten Bloom, though! He’s so suave and charming (excise me while I go puke… #notanorlandobloomfan). πŸ˜‰

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s not actually that dark at my desk, since I have a lamp sitting right next to me. The circle of light only extends a little past my desk, though, so if there’s no outdoor light, the rest of my room is dark. I also leave and am fed. πŸ˜› I mean, after all, food is fantastic. That goes without saying. If I wasn’t being fed, I would strike. (…from what? Schoolwork? *sighs at self*) But yes, I am more than sufficiently taken care of, which is good. I can be pretty absentminded occasionally…

            Ohhh yes, now I get it. I remember her saying that.

            Aww! That would be fun/funny if there were that many similar actors, then. I thought that he looked pretty similar to Wickam. (EVIL Wickham.) (And yes, I agree.)


            1. Whew! I was getting worried! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

              Alas, we writers do tend to be a little absentminded, don’t we? *sigh*

              It would have been! Why don’t THE DIRECTORS think of these things????

              Orlando Bloom is insufferable, is he not???

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Hehe.
                Very true.
                *throws fake cookies at the directors for not thinking of that*
                (Is it just me, or am I talking about cookies a lot? Because last I recall, I preferred pie.)
                Agreed! (Although I admittedly know very little about him. But still agreed.)


  3. Oh my word, this post is epic! I LOVE Pirates of The Caribbean! Best movies ever!

    AND CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING!! You are a wonderful bean and deserve all the prizes!


    I mean…it’s great! Yeah… Totally great!


      1. Oh my goodness, Johnny Depp is the BEST!!! And the first three are AMAZING, but the fourth one is a little weird… Still worth watching though… AND THERE’S GOING TO BE A FIFTH ONE OUT IN 2017!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

        Aw! Thank you so much! πŸ˜€


        1. Gah, I must see the third!

          Yeeessss… The fourth did strike me (just going based on previews here!) as a little off. I mean, mermaids who left their shell-bras at home and drown unsuspecting sailors??? At once creepy and something I must work into a book sometime…

          I knoooow!!!! SQUEE!!!! More Johnny Depp!!!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

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