The NaNo Diaries: What I’ve Written So Far

NaNo has been an amazing journey so far.

Obviously, I have written  a great many scenes – some of them just as much of a surprise to me as to my poor, abused characters.

All this time, I thought I was a plotter.

I’m not.

I’m a pantser. Apparently. Nobody bothered to tell me…

Which has led to the writing of a few scenes I didn’t even see coming. I am beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that my characters have come to life and have hijacked my story.

Weird, right?

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

1. Torture

Image result for tangled gifs

Yes, I have written torture.

Whose idea was that anyway? Certainly not mine. Because I am not the character-torturing type.

Oh, wait. Yes, I am.

2. Romance

Excuse me while I go puke.

Image result for tangled gifs

To put it mildly, romance is not my thing.

And yet.

Somehow a whopping total of three kisses have subtly worked their way into my story about death and darkness and the end of the world.

I feel like a hypocrite.

3. Sickness

Image result for tangled gifs

So much sickness. 

Physical sickness, mental sickness, emotional sickness, other random kinds of sickness…

You name a sickness, and I guarantee with something like 10% certainty that I’ve written it, pal.

Ebola? Even Ebola.

4. People going crazy

I touched on this already…

Mental illness. Good times.

Image result for tangled gifs

I’m not kidding. Mental illness is one of the most fun things I have ever had the opportunity to write. That quite possibly makes me a horrible human. But it’s true, nonetheless.

5. Animals

I didn’t even know that there were animals in this book!

Image result for tangled gifs

You would think my characters would have the courtesy of giving me some notice, right? But, no.

They like to spring things on me when I’m in the middle of trying to pound out my quota for NaNo.

Thanks, guys. I love you, too.

My villain randomly decided that he has entire pack of greyhounds. Who knew?

Image result for who knew gifs tangles

Another character is apparently raising a baby dragon. Again, who knew?

Image result for who knew gifs tangles

Not me. Definitely not me.

6. War

The entire book is supposed to be about war, technically.

But because I am a clever bean, I have managed to write a shocking little amount of war-related scenes.

For  which you, my friend, should be grateful. Because I cannot write war. Which is probably a good thing?

Maybe I am not such an aweful human, after all…

7. Witty banter

I have heard some rumors about this thing called “filler.”

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought.

Witty banter is my filler. Don’t tell anyone.

When I run out of things to write, when I still haven’t met my quota for the day and my fingers feel like are considering not only falling off but also moving to Australia, when I am depserate – I write witty banter.

Pages and pages of useless, witty banter.

I hate you, Witty Banter. You are evil.

8. Visions

Like mental illness, visions are a kind of weird, intangible thing to write.

But fun. Definitely fun.

9. Nightmares

Nightmares are… a little scary, honestly.

Nightmare scenes have been intense. I think that’s a good thing?

10. Seizures

Seizures are also intense.

In case you were wondering.

Not that I’ve ever actually had a seizure?

I am experiencing the weirdest things vicariously…

11. Wrestling

My two main characters, mostly.

And it’s not like that for-fun wrestling that little boys do – or little girls, in my case – it’s like “I-hate-you-and-want-to-crush-your-skull-on-this-stone-floor” kind of wrestling.

Told you they didn’t like each other…


12. Arguments

Arguments are fun. Arguments are the best. Arguments are my favorite.

I could write a song about how much I love arguments.

Because they’re so easy. I mean, I do so much arguing in real life, I have never had that moment where I wonder, “What would a real human say here?”

Something of a rarity for my introverted soul.

13. Useless conversations

Like I said before, filler.

It’s junk. It’s awful. It’s got to go.

Excuse me while I go rip those scenes to shreds so that no one ever finds them. Ever.

14. Useless scenes

Image result for tangled gifs

Entire scenes.

Of uselessness.

15. Scenes I loved

I know.

I know that first drafts are supposed to be the worst thing ever, and so ugly that unsuspecting strangers sometimes go blind when they see them, and that I, the author, am supposed to despise every word of it with the fire of three million angry suns.

I’m sorry. I don’t.

Some scenes? Yes. Emphatically.

Other ones? That I may or may not have slowed down enough to put some work into? Don’t tell, but I am actually kind of proud of those.

Image result for tangled gifs

I like them. Okay, fine, I love them. They are beautiful. I would like too frame them on my wall and drag J. R. R. Tolkien’s ghost over to and say, “Lookit! I wrote that!”

16. Scenes I hated

With the fire of three million angry suns.

17. Death

Image result for tangled gifs

I did kill a few people. 

And by a few I mean half my cast and entire races of unsuspecting strangers I have never met. And copious amounts of animals.

I am a murderer.

Image result for tangled gifs

18. Fire-Rain

Image result for tangled gifs

Because things weren’t interesting enough. And I kind of like fire. Just a little.

19. Fireballs falling from the sky

Image result for tangled gifs

Um, yeah. Those, too.

I am quite possibly getting a bit carried away?

I don’t know, though…

I mean, it’s perfectly normal for teenage girls to write mass destruction of human life, right?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

20. Earthquakes

This was fun.

Seriously. Is your life a little boring? Go write an earthquake.

21. A cavein

Two of my characters spend a good deal of time in a series of tunnels underneath a ruined city.

But I was getting bored of them just walking with the occasional argument-turned-wrestling-to-the-death-match, so I decided to liven things up a bit.

22. Injuries

Image result for tangled gifs

So far I’ve broken various limbs, dislocated other various limbs, caused burns, wounds, aches, pains, and other fun things I highly recommend never doing to yourself but doing constantly to your poor fictional children.

23. An amputation

Ew. This was gross. Don’t do this.

Especially if you don’t like blood. Like me.

Or surgery. Like me.

Just don’t do it, okay?

Because somehow I now have two characters with entire limbs missing and I’m disgusted with myself. And even more so with my characters for grossing me out.

24. Ghosts

Image result for tangled gifs

Um. This was completely unplanned.

What do ghosts have to do with anything, anyway? Who knows.

25. Children

Kids are hard to write. Ask anyone.

Oh. Just me? Fine, then. Be that way.

I find children hard to write. They distract from the action and win the hearts of readers more than my beautiful main characters whom I have poured my heart and soul into. Thanks a lot, kid.

Just as soon as I decided to cut the baby, a little kid waltzes into my story and steals the show.

I hate kids.

26. Dragons

Also a recent addition.

With the exception of the baby one I mentioned earlier. I knew about him. Sort of.

But now there is a whole race of dragons? They just kind of appeared out of nowhere.

And, unlike the small, cute one, they are kind of ruthless and fly around killing humans and then eating them.

I am a despicable human being.

Image result for tangled gifs

What have you written so far? Anything completely unplanned? Anything fun? Anything gross? Anything you loved? Anything you hated? Have you killed anyone yet? Are you a despicable human being? Please say you are even if it’s not true because if you don’t I will feel sad and lonely and you wouldn’t want that…


16 thoughts on “The NaNo Diaries: What I’ve Written So Far”

  1. Ooh! Mental illnesses and visions are fun! I’ve written a few of those myself! Definitely livens it up a bit!

    Oh my word, your story sounds awesome! And DRAGONS!!!! AAAAAHHHH! I love dragons!!!

    As for people I’ve murdered… Well, three people were brutally killed during the first chapter… And then I killed an entire house-full of people… Oh, and then I’ve got another death definitely planned out, and then a possible death. I’m not sure though… Maybe I’ll just knock him out with a shovel??? And then I’ve got some other death/KO’s that will happen near the end of the book… And then I’ll crush a young girl’s heart, so technically she’s not dead, but she might be…soon.

    This book was supposed to have a theme of love… I don’t think I’m succeeding…


  2. Okay, THIS POST IS AMAZING. And the Tangled gifs make it even better!

    Should I be worried at how much I related to almost all of this?? I was just nodding along to so much thinking, “Yep, been there. Done that, too. And that.” It’s bad. XD Honestly, little baby Christine would be horrified at what adult Christine writes now. And…wow, that sounds bad. Lol. No, I still write CLEAN things, I’m just not big on writing fluff. I like to write DEEP stories. Things that make the reader feel, and something with powerful messages. And not allowing my characters to suffer some won’t allow for powerful messages, ya know? So yeah, I think it’s perfectly all right to do some intense (appropriate, heh) stuff if it’s for the good of the story.

    One of the days of this NaNo I wrote like…3 torture scenes. In the same day. o.o That was an interesting day. And since this is a finale I have soooo many of my ships actually SHIPPING. As in, all my couples are fiiinally starting to get together. So yes, romance, too. And my story is about war as well! Story twins! *highfives*

    WITTY BANTER IS NEVER USELESS. At least, *I* don’t think so. Witty banter is my faaave and I will GLADLY read pages and pages of it. WRITE ALLLLL THE WITTY BANTER YES PLEASE! 😀

    Also, DRAGONS. Just dragons. GIMME ALL THE DRAGONS. <333

    I just loved this whole post! I have no doubt your story is absolutely amazing!!


    1. Bahaha! The Tangled just kind of happened??? I was looking for the one where she is rolled up in her hair and says “Woot!” and then aaaalll the gifs just WORKED with everything I was saying! It was fun. 🙂

      Sadly, one of my gifs was eaten. 😦 I don’t know why that happens??? I’ve never seen it on any other blog than mine? Anyway, I was kinda bummed cuz that’s why I left Blogger – it was eating pictures and gifs aaaaaall the time!

      Aaaaanyway! Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

      Yass! Deep books are the only kind worth reading, in my humble opinion!

      Mostly I did all these horrible things to my characters because I was running out of material? That sounds callous and cruel and pointless, but putting your characters through the fire that way really helps ypou get to know them better. It reveals character, brings out the best/worst in them. So it was good. I has been too nice to them before and then there was no story, you know?

      It does sounds weird out context, tho! Like, “yeah I just murdered a toddler” or “I’ve tortured a few people today *cracks knuckles casually*”

      While we’re on the subject of deep books that put the characters through a lot – you should check out The Songo of Seare trilogy. So good! You will not regret!


  3. Haha!!! Love it! I can’t wait to read your story someday!!
    Oh, I love writing sickness and arguments! They are my favorite! I so know what you mean with the whole romance thing. I normally don’t find fictional romances at all appealing (understatement). However, two of my characters are being to form a relationship that is creeping closer and closer to romance. I’m not sure whether to freak out because they are so cute together or to freak out because this means that I will have to write dreaded romance 😛
    Yes, I most certainly am a despicable human being!!!


    1. In the words of Jo: YOU ARE SUCH A COMFORTABLE FRIEND.

      This comment, tho!

      Awwww! Your characters are turning on you! They are so adorable! (OHMYGOODNESS TELL ME WHO THE COUPLE IS NOW!!! TADEN??? IS IS TADEN??? AND ELLAINE??? BUT TADEN IS MIIIIIINE!!!)


      1. I am severely tempted to just leave you in suspense… 😛 Alright fine. I’ll tell you something. Yes, it is Taden… I’m so sorry. I know, I am feeling as betrayed as you are right now!!


  4. Have you secretly read my story??? YOU HAVE LIKE EVERY THING THAT I DID NOT KNOW WAS GOING TO BE IN THERE ON THIS POST!!!! Yes, mental illness, yes torture, yes romance, yes insanity, yes death, yes…. maybe I should stop cause you have it all up there…..
    ARE YOU READING MY MIND???!!!!! GO WRIMOS!!! ❤ you can do it!


  5. I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo, but this post really inspired me to at least try to write a novel. Which I do not have time for. But maybe it willl happen some day? Anyway, Good luck with the rest of your book/story/novel/I don’t know what to call it! ~Julia ❤


    1. It HAS occurred to me that readers who are not participating in NaNo are probably disgusted with the deluge of NaNo-related posts from me (after all, that was me last year)???

      I feel bad but I can’t seem to shut up about it…

      Anyway, so glad that even though you’re not participating, you found something you could relate to!

      You should definitely go for it sometime, Julia!

      Thank you so much (I never know what to call it either, to be honest! Book sounds presumptuous, story sounds like my own autobiography or something… Manuscript or novel will have to do???)!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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