So It Begins: 6 Ways I Could Possibly Die This Month

Today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month.

Let the agony begin!

I meant fun – let the fun begin! Silly autocorrect…

As some of you may be aware, this is my first time. I will admit to being a little nervous. I think I can do it, but I am slightly concerned about what will be neglected in order for that to happen?

I mean, will it be sleep, or meals, or school, or interacting with humans, or breathing oxygen, or reading that glaring stack of books by my bedside…?

What will it be?

And who put the books there, of all places? Where they can so easily murder me in my sleep?

Oh, yeah. That was me. Whew. I thought somebody wanted to kill me or something!

What were we talking about again?

Image result for dory gif

Oh, yes. NaNo begins today! Goodbye, cruel world…

No, I’m not being melodramatic! Who do you think I am?

I will have you know that my fears are perfectly legitimate.

For your reading pleasure, I will systematically list the ways I will die a horrific death this November.

1. I’ve Already Written Most Of This Book… Or Not

Why am I even doing NaNo again? To be honest with you, I think I may have dared myself.

Are you concerned? I am definitely concerned.

I’ve already written something like 90,000 words?

And since it has always been my goal to have this book be about a thousand pages long…

…And my nearly-math-fried brain says that’s about 300,000 words…

…Which means I need to write about 200,000 more words…

…And now my brain hurts. I hate math.

I think my point was that, unlike the rest of you, I am not starting from scratch.

My goal is to finish this beast. Or kill it, possibly?

Image result for how to train your dragon gifs i have brought down this mighty beast

Either one will do.

2. I Am Writing This Thing Longhand

Would everyone please come back here?

As I was saying, I am writing at least the first draft – okay, fine, only the first draft – longhand.

It’s how I started, okay?

So I wanna finish that way, too.

I am not crazy. Stop looking at me that way.

3. My Characters Are All Persons Of Few Words

None of them want to talk to me.

I’m serious.

A typical day finds me screaming in desperation, “Speak to me! Speak! What say you, already?”

Image result for what say you gif

Why did I make all my characters so darn introverted?

I mean, it might be because I can’t relate to talkative humans, because I’m not one? But still. Dialogue is at a bit of a standstill just now.

In case you were wondering.

4. All My Characters Are Only Children

How did that happen?

I come from a large family. Seven kids. Two parents. Various pets. Marriages. Marriages with children.

It’s a complicated mess, basically.

So how is it that every single one of my characters has no living relatives?

Let us consider…

Keira? Yeah, her parents are both dead.

Aleks? His family is largely undeveloped, actually. All I know is that his father is living. And that they don’t get along.

Saint? Both his parents are dead.

Edmonde? Everyone he ever knew is dead. Except maybe a grandmother or something? But everybody else is quite certainly dead. And the grandmother will probably die, too, come to think of it…

Image result for i never knew my father gif

It would almost seem that I, in my infinite wisdom and mercy, decided to spare my beloved children of the chaos of large families. Not to mention the hand-me-downs.

In other words, I am the last person who should be writing only children! Obviously, I know nothing about it.

That said, a large family is on my list of “Things To Write Someday.”

5. My Characters Don’t Know What Anything Is

Image result for the little mermaid fork gif

Books. Pianos. Shelves. Carpet. Windows. Fire. Trees. Dragons. Animals other than dragons.

How am I supposed to write these things as if I only know what the character knows and the character has never seen any of this stuff before?

6. I Know Nothing About Music

And my book is full of it?

It’s a bit of a problem.

My brother is an incredibly talented pianist, but if I got any of what he apparently got, it remains deeply buried.

I know what notes are. Sort of.

I understand the concept of a tune. I think.

That is the extent of my musical knowledge.

Who is writing this book?

Not me, that’s for sure!

I seem to have a knack for getting myself into uncomfortable situations…


I suggest you pray for me. Pray hard.

This could get ugly.

Image result for so it begins gif

Are you doing NaNo? Shall I pray for you as well? Do you have any introverted characters? What is your secret? How do you get them to open up and talk? How would you describe a book to someone who had never seen one before? A piano? A dragon?


16 thoughts on “So It Begins: 6 Ways I Could Possibly Die This Month”

  1. Yes, please, pray for me! For goodness sakes, it is the first day and I am already beginning to regret every deciding to do this whole things. (No, of course, I am not going to quit, but that isn’t to say that I didn’t want to with every word that I wrote today) Actually, yes, I do have some introverts in my story. Umm, lets see… Probably 4 out of 5 of each characters would be about right. Yeah… My only advice is A) Do it from their perspective so they don’t have to talk or B) force them frequently into uncomfortable or frustrating situations with uncomfortable or frustrating people at uncomfortable or frustrating times. It is the sure-fire way to get any introverted character to open up. 😉 As for how to describe something to someone who has never seen one before… I have no idea 😛
    Anyway, I shall pray that you shall not die whilst facing this dragon, and I wish you the best on your NaNo journey! 🙂



      Ha! Aren’t we all???

      “Force them frequently into uncomfortable or frustrating situations with uncomfortable or frustrating people at uncomfortable or frustrating times.” Brilliant!!! You are brilliant! Thank you! (I think I may have already been going this subconsciously to some degree… BUT NOW I CAN TORTURE MY CHARACTERS WITH INTENTIONALITY!!!)

      Awww! Thank you so much, dear!


  2. Good luck! I think you can do it. If you even only get 50,000 of those 200,000, that’s more than you would have written otherwise, AND it’s a huge accomplishment. Particularly in longhand. (I cannot compose on paper at all and wouldn’t even get to 500 words before giving up. I applaud you.)

    As for describing a book to someone like that, maybe a stack of paper wrapped in leather? Or the character thought it was a box until they picked it up and it opened? I don’t know, really.


    1. EEP!!! I hope so…!

      Oh, gosh! I certainly don’t plan on finishing the book! I will be happy with 50,000, thankyouverymuch!!! 🙂

      Ha! I actually did describe it as a box that “opened” so maybe I’m on the right track??? Unfortunately, my characters don’t know what paper is… #Dilemma

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😛 Well, I hope you get to it!

        Ooh, that makes it difficult to describe a book, then… I think the box way might be the easiest to write and explain. Though you could try and introduce them to loose paper before you bring in the books, or something like that.


  3. You’re going to do great! Also, I have some of my story written already, and I’m using NaNo as a more of a motivational tool than anything else…But I’m so busy, I’m already regretting my decision. Oh well… XD
    One way you can make your characters more communicative (say that in an English accent ❤ ) is to write out character charts and literally put down crazy ridiculous things about them. It can be anything… like:
    "Joe has a pet parrot that likes to eat nachos while he sings in the shower. Joe takes his coffee without sugar, but likes to pour ketchup in his cereal."
    That example was actually really gross, but yeah, you get the point LOL. But doing that really helped me when I was struggling with trying to get my characters to TALK LIKE THEY WOULD JUST DO STUFF BUT NEVER SAY ANYTHING!! 😦 Once I started doing that though, it got a LOT better. Also, you can hold "interviews" with your characters, which is a really fun way to get to know their personality so when you write, it will automatically come out and will result in more dialogue…
    Anyway, good luck fellow Wrimo!! You can do it! ❤


    1. You’re belief in me is inspiring!!! Thank you!

      YAS! The word “communicative” cannot be said any other way in my opinion (also “opinion”!!!). 🙂

      I NEEDETH MORE CHARTS!!! Charts are life and happiness for my perfectionist’s heart!!!

      Also, yes! I am actually in the process (or was until NaNo happened… BAD NANO!!!) of writing my first character interview! I am the excite for it. 😉


  4. Good luck! I’m sure you’re going to do great! That Theoden GIF was totally me yesterday though, sitting down at my desk 🙂
    I have a mix of introvert and extrovert characters, but I’m struggling with both equally, so I feel your pain! The introverts don’t want to talk, and because I’m an introvert when I’m writing the extroverts, I’m just like ‘what do people even say to each other!?’


  5. This was a very amusing post, my dear. I enjoyed it muchly. 🙂 And that little rabbit trail about the stack of books by your bed…and somebody trying to murder you…mwahaha! FUNNY! 😉

    You can’t make your characters talk? Oh goodness. I’ve got the opposite problem. Once they start talking I don’t know how to make them stop!! My cry of desperation is more like, “Move, people, MOVE! DO something! Don’t just stand there and YAK, YAK, YAK!!” Haha. (Loved how you used that Aragorn quote, by the way. That was great!)

    Happy writing, Kate! (Is that even a thing? Heehee. ;))


    1. Awww! You are the sweetest little bean!

      You don’t know how much that encourages me!!! Recently I realized that I’m not terribly funny on paper/in writing??? And I’ve been working REALLY HARD on it, so, yes, THAT WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR! 🙂

      Ha! That Aragorn quote is pretty much my life. 😉 I use it constantly. The Lord of the Rings is good that way – it is so quotable and applicable to all of life (my personal favorite, though, is “WE’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE; WE’RE GOING IN CIRCLES!” So fun to say!)!

      Arg! Yeah, it’s not really about them bring so constantly in action that they have NO TIME to talk as much as I feel like they will be breaking character if they do??? Like, Ive established that they are shy/introverted/reserved… so they can’t gush without being out of character… Right???


      People definitely use the phrase “happy writing!” but is there such a THING as happy writing??? I’M NOT SURE…


  6. Aww. Yay! I’m so glad my comment encouraged you. 🙂 Personally, I’d never noticed that your writing lacked humor, but if you think it does than three cheers for you for working to amend that!! You’re doing a great job! 😀

    Haha. The “going in circles” quote! Yes. That’s a wonderful quote to have up your sleeve for all manner of different occasions.

    Oh, I totally get what you’re saying. Trying to keep one’s character acting “in character” can be tough, I’m sure.

    Gahhh. I KNOW! Way too often I feel like I’m just writing in a fog, without any clear idea for where I’m trying to take this thing. 😛

    EXACTLY!! Happy? I don’t know about that…


    1. Well, that’s very sweet of you! 🙂 Maybe I just don’t find my own jokes funny??? *shrug*

      Arg, yes! So far my characters are very talkative… But I feel like I’m gonna end up editing most of that out because CONSISTENCY??? (WHERE IS THE CONSISTENCY??? It’s somethubg I really struggle with)

      Ha! Yeah. I was literally just jotting down a note to myself to the effect of: “YOU THOUGHT THIS OUTLINE WAS DETAILED??? YOU ARE CRAZY, SISTER!!!” So… I’m doing a lot more pantsing than I originally planned on! (Surprise!)


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