I Done Got Tagged!

Can you believe it?

I can’t.

You see, I haven’t been blogging that long – I mean, two years or something, but who’s counting? – and sometimes feel like I haven’t made too much headway into the blogging world.

When I saw this “tagging” thing going on, I thought that it looked fun and secretly wished someone would “tag” me. But since no one knew I existed, well… I will leave you to imagine how that went.

This is turning into a bit of a pity-party for me, but that wasn’t the point. Several people were actually generous enough to say that anyone who wanted to participate were welcome to. But I resolved that I would wait until someone tagged me, specifically.

I am so flattered to have tagged by the lovely, um, well, the lovely young mystery person at Swords And Quills.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Allow me to preface the photographs by saying that I don’t actually believe in basing a character off of a photograph. It feels too much like I am limiting myself to that picture, relying on it to know what my character looks like.

I would actually rather just draw them myself? Unfortunately, all my characters have remained elusive in this respect.

However, I have done some looking around for pictures that remind me of a character, or have certain similarities, just to serve as a reminder or an inspiration.

So, without further ado…

Keira looks something like this.

And Saint looks like this.


Who inspired this character?

No one. They simply sprung into my mind and haven’t left yet.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t entirely true?

I suppose that all my characters have a little of me in them somewhere. I know that I draw largely from my own emotions in order to write theirs.

However, I honestly don’t know anyone like Keira or Saint. Perhaps that’s a bad thing…?

What is their weapon of choice?

What a fun question! Let the killing begin!

Keira has no fighting skills. She doesn’t know how to use weaponry. She doesn’t have any martial arts prowess or neck-snapping talents.

Not because she isn’t athletic, mind you. She’s six feet tall and powerful. She simply has no interest in learning.

So. Her weapon of choice? Her words. Keira is reserved, a woman of few words. But when she chooses to speak, her words carry a lot of weight – to heal or destroy.

Oh. Yeah. Did I mention that she can kill people by singing? I may have forgotten that bit.

Saint, as an assassin, is proficient in all methods of killing humans. I admire him.

He can use a longbow, knives, or his own bare hands. Though he likes using his hands best.

Have they ever been physically violent with someone else? What instigated it?


As aforementioned, Saint is an assassin. He kills people on a regular basis. So.

Keira gets in more than a few tangles with Saint himself. Originally, I had these be verbal fights, but decided emotions were volatile enough that things actually become physical.

They do not like each other. At all.

Are they more of a rule-follower or a rebel?

Neither Keira nor Saint has ever been all that great at following the rules.

Though for much of her life, Keira lived in perfect submission to Edmonde’s wishes, it was not fear, but lack of opportunity that made her so obedient.

Saint has been a rebel all his life.

What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

Saint was spoiled as the oldest male child. Keira was… unnoticed. They were incredibly close, Saint in particular was extremely protective of his “little sister.”

Where would they go to relax and think?

Keira’s refuge was the other side of the Wall she was forbidden to beyond. Saint loves water.

Do they have a temper?

Yes. This might be part of the reason why they are always attempting to murder one another?

Would they be more likely to face their fears or run from them?

Both of them would rather face the inevitable. Though I suppose to be fair, I would have to admit that the reason they are together is because both of them were running from something.

When they are upset, do they turn to other people or isolate themselves?

I think that they would prefer to isolate themselves. But when they are together – and circumstances force them to remain together always – they are also forced to turn to each other.

Both suffer from nightmares, but don’t know it. Saint has a seizure-like episode. Keira is dying, and so suffers from intense hallucinations. These things force them into each other’s arms – literally – and so forces them to open up to each other, even though it’s the last thing they want to do.

Say 3 things about where your character lives (as broad or specific as you’d like).

Keira has moved around a lot. She was born among the Guardians, inside their domain. She was immediately taken by her guardian to live in the desert with a Fallen pack. When that pack was attacked, Edmonde saved her from being killed and took her to live with him in The Empire. Years later, he sent her to live with the Nomads in the desert.

Saint, like Keira, was born among the Guardians. When he was about four, though, he went to live with his mother – Keira’s guardian – in the desert. Miraculously, he was not killed with the rest of the pack. He wandered on his own for many years, picking up new languages and meeting new people. He is something of a nomad himself, you could say.

The end, I guess?

Thank you, Writer Of Swords And Quills, for tagging me.

I therefore tag Christine at Musings of an Elf, Mary Horton at Sunshine and Scribblings, Tracey at Adventure Awaits, and Victoria at Wanderer’s Pen.

And, of course, feel free to do the Dual Character Inquisition Tag yourself. All you have to do is link back to the person who tagged you – that would be me, my dear – pick two of your characters, include a picture for each, answer the ten questions, and tag three more people. And don’t forget to include a link to your post in the comments so I can come read it!

Do you have any questions for or about Keira or Saint? If you do, list them in the comments, and, if I get enough questions, I will do my first ever character interview! I know, I know. Calm down. We got firsts going on all over the place here. Sheesh.


12 thoughts on “I Done Got Tagged!”

  1. Wonderful! I love your characters, especially Keira (I adore that name)!!
    (My name is Anna, but thanks for calling me the mystery person 😉 )
    As for questions….
    • What is your best and worst memory?
    • Do you have any siblings? How are your relationships with them?
    • What one person has had the most influence in your life?
    • What is one thing you would give up your life for?
    • Which do you fear more: grief, torture, or death?
    • What do you think of authority in your life? Is there any authority that you respect?
    The questions could for either or both of them. I am equally interested in hearing either of their answers. I love character interviews!


  2. Aww!!! Glad you like them!

    Keira IS such a pretty name, is it not??? Normally, I’d tell you not to get too attached, as most of my character names are just placeholders until I get the cultural backgrounds hashed out. However, Keira is more likely to keep her name as it already has the British/Gaelic feel that I’m looking for. (Um, information overload there? Sorry!!!)

    Haha, yes!!! When I was writing this post, I was trying g to find your name on your blog AND COULD NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE. I vaguely remembered calling you Anna at one point, tho, and was SO EMBARASSED because I thought I must have gotten you confused with someone else!!!


    Gah, what great questions!!! I am kind of terrible at coming up with good questions (so I rarely participate in character interviews and I feel so guilty about that!!!), and so I am just FULL OF ADMIRATION for people who come up with such fantastically deep and penetrating questions LIKE OFF THE TOP OF THEIR HEADS???

    Hopefully I can get to that character interview soon!!! I’m hoping a couple more people will comment and leave questions, so we’ll see how that goes!


  3. Oh, oh! A character post. MY FAVORITE SUBJECT. And EEP. These sound like such fun charries! One of my most favorite type of character dynamics is the two who first clash, but then end up being forced together, and then realize they can’t live without the other. And it sounds like this is how these two have it…? I may be totally wrong though! Lol. BUT I’M STILL SO INTRIGUED.

    “What a fun question! Let the killing begin!” <—Bwahaha! Oh, us authors. XD

    Did you say Keira could kill people by SINGING? THAT IS SO COOL. And Saint just sounds epic all around. They're so developed. I just love 'em! I also think they're names are awesome.

    This tag was the best! I'm so obsessed with characters. Thank you so much for passing it along to me!!!

    Okay, character questions! I'm so bad at this, let me see if I can come up with something…

    -What's your biggest life dream?
    -Do you have any pets? If not, what kind of pet would you want?
    -What are some of your best memories living as a nomad? What about worst?
    -If you had to give up one of your personality traits, what would it be and why?
    -Do you have any siblings or wish you had any?

    Those all can go to both of them or either, whichever you want of course! (I think the nomad question works for both…?) Obviously skip any if you want. I'm not the best at coming up with questions! XD


  4. I am THE WORST at coming up with questions for character interviews? SO BE NOT ASHAMED, MADAM.

    Anna over at Swords and Quills invented it?! (I think she is a genius maybe?)

    By the way, your questions were AWESOME??? You people are so darn GOOD AT THIS!!!

    I’m thinking I will do (separately) a character interview for each of them??? Or maybe I should do one with them both together??? That would be fun… Gah, I just don’t know! WHAT SHOULD I DO, WORLD??? TELL ME!!!

    Um, yes. Names. * nervous laughter* Keira might (emphasis on the “might”) be anlr to keep her name, but alas, Saint will not. Apologies! (Funny story: his name was actually going to be Storm??? But I kept abbreviating it “St” so…)

    Muhaha!!! I think I shall leave in you suspense about that first bit… I AM EVIL!

    Yes! Keira is a SONG MURDERER!!!

    Thanks for the deliciously long comment!!!


  5. I loooove the name Saint. IT IS AN AMAZING NAME. 😍 And also they sound like totally awesome characters! And seriously badass. And I do the same with drawing from my own emotions to write characters…like they’re all totally different from me, but at the same time I always relate to them hugely in one aspect or another. It’s so FUN being a writer.😂 YAY that you got tagged, though, and I hope you get many more tags in the future. 😉 I mostly steal tags if I like them, heheh, because I’m an impatient pumpkin.


  6. I definitely understand a piece of the writer going into each character–that happens to me, too. Keira sounds awesome! A lethal singing power, AND she’s dying?? Saint sounds like the lovable brooding type. XD

    Thanks for tagging me! It’ll be a good one to use in between the Beautiful Books linkups happening the next couple of months, especially since people have been asking to know more about my WIP’s cast. 🙂 Happy writing!


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