My Thoughts On The Hobbit Trilogy

For those of you who have not had the pleasure, I will quickly summarize the trilogy.

In the first movie we have narration, Bilbo being used as a Kleenex, and goblins who look nothing like their orc counterparts, not to mention the fact that they speak English… with a British accent.

In the second, we learn that Mirkwood is confusing – unless you climb the trees, and then it’s amazing, with a nice breeze and autumn-colored leaves that turn into these cute blue butterflies –

Image result for mirkwood butterflies gifs

that a morgul  shaft will render you sweaty and several shades paler than normal – and, who knows, may even induce childbirth,

Image result for kili sick gifs

that liquid gold has absolutely no ill affects on dragons, and lastly, that Bard is a man of many talents.

In the last movie we begin to doubt Bard’s parenting,

Image result for bard from the hobbit gifs

Azog and Bolg’s mortality,

Image result for azog under the ice gifs             Image result for bolg from the hobbit gifs

to wonder why dwarves who have miraculously survived the first two movies are now dropping like flies and if Legolas will ever get it through his thick skull that Tauriel is not interested.

Image result for legolas interrupting tauriel and kili gifs

So. Now that we’ve established the basic principles…

Let the list begin.

1. To The Nerds

I hear a lot of people whining about how The Hobbit movies do not stay true to the book.

Before you join this group, make sure you’ve gotten your facts right. Jackson seems to have gotten his material straight from Tolkien himself. Check the Appendices in your copy of The Lord of the Rings, or read The Silmarillion. It’s in there.

Some of this stuff will surprise you, I think.

Some of it surprised me, and I’m one of the biggest nerds there is.

Like Azog. He’s in there.

Bolg, his son? He’s in there.

Dol Guldur? Yep. This was a real fortress.

The Necromancer? Absolutely.

Gandalf and Thorin’s  meeting at the Prancing Pony in Bree? You bet.

Thrain wandering around in the wilderness? That, too.

Gundabad? Mmm-hmm.

Satisfied yet?

Besides, you have to remember that Tolkien wrote The Hobbit for children. He hadn’t done any of the intensive research and worldbuilding he had done by the time he wrote The Lord of the Rings.

Some gaps obviously had to be filled.

Now, to be fair, Jackson did make a few unprecedented changes.

2. Tauriel

Image result for tauriel gifs

Tauriel was the topic of much debate.

Personally, I have no problem with her. Mirkwood, and the elf kingdom that the dwarves were held in there, came straight from the book. I thought it was a great idea to pick out a representative of the Mirkwood elves as a supporting character.

The trouble starts when a love triangle looms in sight – a love triangle Tolkien didn’t so much as hint at.

3. Legolas

If you have read The Hobbit, you know that a guy named Thranduil is not in it.

But the King of the Woodland Realm is. And in The Lord of the Rings, the King of the Woodland Realm is named Thranduil.

And the messenger he sends to the Council of Elrond happens to be his son. That would be Legolas.

So it absolutely makes sense that he would appear in The Hobbit movies.

However, I’m not a fan of Legolas myself, so I wasn’t thrilled to see him. And his whole, “Hey, Tauriel, let’s go off on our own to singlehandedly take on the forces of evil!” is ridiculous.

And, don’t quote me on this, but he seems to have changed eye color?

4. The Dwarves

Image result for dwarves from the hobbit


They did not get the hood-and-hair colors right! 

Come on, Jackson. Where are your priorities, my man?

But let’s be serious for a moment. There were some things about the dwarves I didn’t like. The innuendo was new and eye-roll-worthy at best.

Bofur is annoying.

Image result for dwarves from the hobbit

I want to murder Ori.

Image result for ori from the hobbit

Bombur was supposed to be fat, not obese and his supposedly comedic scenes are sickening.

Image result for bombur from the hobbit

Image result for bombur from the hobbit in a barrel

Dori, Oin, Nori, and Bifur are useless, unlikable characters.

And Fili and Kili are too darn good-looking!


On the other hand, I fell wholeheartedly in love with sweet old Balin.

Image result for balin at your service

Dwalin is my spirit animal.

Image result for dwalin eats bilbos dinner gif

Thorin is glorious perfection.

Image result for thorin

And Fili and Kili’s bromance is awfully cute.

Image result for fili and kili bromance moments in the hobbit

5. Martin Freeman

Image result for bilbo rabbit nose thing gif

The Lord of the Rings movies have sported some truly gifted actors over the years – Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Andy Serkus, and Elijah Wood among them. Martin Freeman is instantly admitted into this elite group. Not only admitted, but in a league all his own. He is fantastic!

Richard Armitage, who played Thorin, also had quite an impressive performance.

6. Three Movies

I actually agree with this complaint. I don’t see why the story had to be dragged out so long.

Not that I’m smart enough to tell you what should have been left out.

It just seems like the second half of the first movie is “Let’s run away from orcs!” and the second half of the second movie is “Let’s run away from this dragon!” and not much gets accomplished.


Jackson’s commitment to accuracy and quality is admirable, and in his hands, the story behind the simple children’s book takes on the texture and emotion it wanted all along. These movies are on a level with the original trilogy.

Image result for the hobbit gifs

So tell me, friends! What are your thoughts on The Hobbit trilogy? Do you like it? Hate it? Was it as good as the original trilogy? Better? Are you a Legolas fan? What did you think of Tauriel? The love-triangle? The hot dwarves?


21 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Hobbit Trilogy”

  1. This was a very interesting post, Kayla. And wow! Your summaries of the movies! Haha! “In the last movie we begin to doubt Bard’s parenting, Azog and Bolg’s mortality, to wonder why dwarves who have miraculously survived the first two movies are now dropping like flies and if Legolas will ever get it through his thick skull that Tauriel is not interested.” Muahaha!! Well put indeed. 😉

    Ooooh, yes! Orie. HE DRIVES ME NUTS!! (Actually all the dwarves drive me nuts. Sometimes I very much wish that one of their epic falls from hundreds of feet in the air would actually do what it’s supposed to do. Relieve us of them for good. Haha. ;)) I can handle Kili sometimes, but he doesn’t really seem like a dwarf to me, so I’m kind of irked about that. Also his romance with Tauriel is kind of sweet but I’m afraid I’m just too prejudiced. Dwarves don’t fall in love with elves! It just isn’t done! 😛

    Overall I’d say my opinion of these movies is pretty (or would that be highly?) unfavorable. The best scene is probably the riddle scene because that was actually rather close to the book. (Yes, I’m a book purist.) But also, I found these movies just sort of boring as a whole. Too much action, not enough character development. (The dialogue is rather lame in my opinion.) And the action is SO over the top. It’s kind of like watching a cartoon in live action, the way people defy natural laws–falling from tremendous heights without receiving so much as a scratch; leaping up falling stones (Legolas); walking around with an ax in one’s head for the whole entire movie! (Okay, so dwarves are supposed to have hard skulls, but still! That’s a bit far-fetched, don’t you think?)

    Anyway, I could go on and on about these movies, but I will refrain. You don’t need to hear my endless rantings on how “they didn’t do this right” and “that doesn’t make any sense!” and “What in the world was THAT about?” Haha. 😛

    I very much enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter.


  2. THANK YOOUUU!!! I do it all for you, my dear. 😉

    Hahahaha!!! Absolutely true! I’ll admit to sort of “turning my brain off” for those video-game-like action sequences. 🙂

    I guess you have a point: Kili is not very dwarf-like, is he??? Rather like a miniature man… Many of the dwarves had this quality??? Like Peter Jackson wanted them to be “cool” (an understandable desire, really – we always want the main characters to have that Cool Factor and since the dwarves really are the “main characters” of this trilogy… Well, let’s just say I get where he’s coming from. It’s hard to resist the urge sometimes!) and so lessened their dwarvishness a good deal. 🙂 I mean, just try comparing hem to Gimli from the previous trilogy???

    Ugh! I know, right? Their romance IS kind of adorable??? I want to hate it but I just… CAN’T! Why is he so cute???

    The riddle scene is one of my favorites!!! Watching Andy Serkus and Martin Freeman act alongside each other like that is just asdghjk!!!! Me and my equally-obsessed-with-all-things-lord-of-the-rings will randomly declare, “Teef? TEEF!” and “Shut up!… I didn’t say anything… I wasn’t talking to you.”

    Yeah, I hear a lot of people saying they think it’s boring. I guess I can see where the second half of the first two movies can get a little tedious???

    Hmm… yeah, there was a lot of action and less character development. The funny part is that a lot of people thought the first trilogy was boring because there was so much character development and not enough action??? There’s no pleasing ’em!

    Haha, yes! I think it took us like three viewings to notice hat there is an ax in Bifur’s head??? WHAT WAS WITH THAT ANYWAY?!

    Feel free to rant anytime you like! I love it!!! 🙂


  3. This was such a great post. I’m kinda curious to how long it took you to write it all out lol, but it really sums up pretty much EVERY SINGLY THING I FEEL ABOUT THE HOBBIT TRILOGIES!!! ❤
    I agree with, like, everything you said. Except about Bofur. I kinda liked him… but yes, Ori was my nemesis and Bombur didn't say one word in the entire trilogy…poor guy. All he got to do was wear lots of padding, act disgusting, and look scared. Not much advertisement of his acting abilities…
    AND YES DWALIN IS WHAT IM LIKE INSIDE!!! And Balin…I want him to be my mentor. He's like a squishy teddy bear…. LOL
    Ian McKellan did an amazing job as usual (don't think I spelled his name right…) and Martin Freeman was incredible as well as Richard Armitage…
    And Legolas was just plain weird in these movies… His eye color changed like three times in the LOTR, but at least it mostly stuck with brown. In the Hobbit…I called him the eye-changing elf, because his eye color was completely off… Jackson, where is your detail-oriented side???!
    And I'm going off on a rant, aren't I?… Oops.
    Point is, I loved your post, and it summed up everything I thought about the Hobbit trilogies and the ridiculous reasons people throw out that justifies them not liking the trilogy…
    And I'm finished.
    One more line: Which did you like better: LOTR or the Hobbit?


    1. HA! WE MUST BE TWINS!!! 🙂 (Nice to meet you, by the way!)

      I don’t mind – rant away! We seem to be twins in the long-comments department, as well (don’t worry; I loooove long comments!)! I can’t seem to help myself. 🙂

      On Bofur: I don’t know… That hat he wears???

      How long it took me to write this: funny you should ask! A couple of months??? Maybe longer… But I will have you know that is NOT MY NORMAL! At least not recently. Naturally I tend to procrastinate? I’ll start a post but get distracted with oither things so it’ll take me awhile to finish it. That was the case with this post. 😉 Once I actually get determined to get some real work done, each post MIGHT take me 30 minutes tops??? Sometimes less. 🙂

      Now that I have put you to sleep…

      On Bombur: oh man!!! Did he really not get to say ANYTHING??? I didn’t even notice! (Shows you how much I liked HIS character!)

      On Legolas’ eyes: do they really??? I guess I didn’t pay much attention to his eye color in The Lord of the Rings… Any idea what his eye color in real life is? I was assuming brown, because I thought that his eyes were brown in the first trilogy, and brown would work with his completion/natural hair color – and I think his eyes are brown in The Pirates of the Caribbean? You know, they probably felt like he had tpotpo have blue eyes in this trilogy to go with his hair color… It’s rare for someone with blond hair to have brown eyes. (Like I would know!)

      I think you spelled Ian McKellan’s name right? I font really know. That’s how I would’ve spelled it. 🙂

      Glad you liked it!

      Arg!!! My friend, why must you torture me with such an impossible question??? I’m gonna say The Lord of the Rings? Be cause I’ve seen it more times and had longer to get attached. 🙂

      Thanks for your deliciously long comment!


  4. I was seriously laughing way too hard at the dwarves!!!! Oh my goodness!!! “I want to murder Ori.” I think I died, bahahahaha!!!!!

    And NOOOOOOO!!!! Legolas is amazing and perfect and HE IS MARVELOUS!!!!!! And I think it’s the eyeliner???? I’m not entirely sure why they used that, but hey. LEGOLAS IS STILL PERFECT!!!!

    And I must agree that Balin is an adorable old man. There is no possible way to hate him.

    But seriously, I’m still laughing at Ori, bahahahahahaha!!!! 😂😂😂


                    1. Not a big deal… You’ve probably seen it. The scene in The Return of the King where Frodo wakes up in Rivendell and the Fellowship is reunited? Not a tutu exactly, but my brothers and I always laugh about how he’s “wearing a dress!”

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Ohhhhhh!!!! Bahahaha, that’s hilarious! I tried to do some internet searching and found a video of Legolas, his father (I can’t spell or pronounce that name…) and I think one of the dwarves doing some ballet thing in tutus. (Someone had pasted their faces onto actual ballerinas…)

                      It is safe to say that I should not be allowed internet access….


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