A Smol Blog Tour (No One Freak Out)

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You might recall me posting a certain post not long ago with the word “announcement” in it.

If you don’t, then I direct you there first because nothing here will make sense to you until you read and I am not going over the spiel again.

Okay, has everyone read it now? Have you?


Because now I have another announcement. Buckle up, buttercup.

I mentioned in the Announcement Post that I would need help spreading the word about my Rebellion before September 1st. And guess what? My amazing friends came through in the most awesome way and we are going to have a genuine Blog Tour.

For me.

It’s like one of those parades where everyone carries that one person around on their shoulders and cheer and that person is me. And my blog.

Don’t worry, we’re quite smol.

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Aren’t you excited? Isn’t this the best news?

I don’t even know how to put my gratitude and happiness into words. I’m the luckiest girl in the world, as Maisha would say.

But, wait! Before you go, undoubtedly beaming so hard that your chubby cheeks are starting to twitch just a little bit, I’m going to unveil the Highly Official Blog Tour Schedule and you will want to bookmark it or put it on your calendar or refer back to this post at all times and so will I, probably, because my short-term memory is nonexistent.

The Highly Official Blog Tour Schedule:

January – The Announcement

February – The Charmingly Whimsical Christine Of Musings Of An Elf

March – The Elegant And Accomplished Tracey Of Adventure Awaits

April – The Sparkling Queen Kenzie Of Smudged Thoughts

May – The Mysteriously Brilliant Ruby Of The Sea Calls Us Home

June – The Sweet Oldfashioned Girl Miss March Of Sunshiny Corner

I will add the links as the posts come out – please follow along!